ClarityMD Acne Solution Reviews

According to Envy Medical, applying their new acne product ClarityMD results in fast clearance of acne. Featuring the PCX technology, that applies salycilic acid in clearing acne, without causing the side effects.
It was first unveiled at the American Academy of Dermatology's 2013 congress.

This acne product is a patent pending combination of powerful antimicrobials, and soothing anti-inflammatory, along with salicylic acid, which results in faster acne clearance.

The company states from a research showing that this new acne solution reduced inflammatory acne in patients by 56% in just 7 days, and over 90% in 14 days. Compared to other acne medication it works much faster.

How to use

First cleanse your skin, then apply the serum.
For best results do this twice a day.
After the serum, when your skin is dry, you can apply your regular makeup if you want.
It's best to apply oil-free non-comedogenic foundations and cosmetics.

Satisfied users?

Because ClarifyMD is a relatively new product it is too early to tell you about experiences users may have.
There are quite a few positive reviews on Amazon but most are unverified purchases - meaning people come to Amazon and just leave a review, often without actually having bought the product. People also did positive reviews because of a discount they got somewhere.

Check Amazon for more info and best pricing!

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