Info Shaser Intense Pulsed Light System for Acne

New device for acne, described in full as "Shaser Skin Beauty Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) System Family for Acne" is a home use device intended to provide phototherapeutic light to the body, specifically indicated for the treatment of individual acne pimples in persons with mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

The FDA has determined that this new device is quite equal - for the indications for use described in FDA's submission form - to legally marketed predicate devices in the U.S.A.. Shaser Inc. may therefore market their new device.

The company - also known for their iLight unwanted hair removal device - just recently got the FDA-clearance for their new and not yet launched intensed pulsed light system device for acne.

It is an over-the-counter (OTC), light-based acne clearing device and operates both photochemical and photothermal. This process in the skin results in stimulating oxygen production, so the acne gets attacked and reduces inflammation that comes with acne.
Individual acne pimples can also be treated.


The device features:
- a so-called finger switch for emission activation
- a LCD display with text/graphics
- LED indicator lights
- a limited-life treatment head
- a battery charger/AC cord

The electricity requirement is 115 Volt, 15A, 50-60 Hz, single phase.

Equivalent device.

The new device has about the same principle of operation, light source, wavelength 400 - 1100nm (nanometers) and pulse energy as the CLARO predicate device with FDA-clearance number K090744. CLARO is also an acne clearing device.
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Treatments regime.

Treatments are also quite similar:
- 1 treatment every 8 hours
- 4 treatments in a seven day period.

1 treatment takes two periods of 6 seconds.


Mind that this new device is not yet available.