Best Blood Sugar Tester List

Best Blood Sugar Tester

There's really choice when looking for a blood sugar tester. For sugar also read glucose. When you take some blood from your finger or palm, putting it on a test strip, and entering the strip in the tester/meter, you'll see in a few seconds your blood sugar level on the display.

You'll find here best blood sugar testers which are also derived from blood sugar tester reviews.
It gives you an idea about the different diabetes blood glucose meters or kits between a brand or type vs another.

ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Diabetes Meter Kit

This tester kit comes with attachable lancet device, so you can easily carry it with you.
Test result in 5 seconds.

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Bayer Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Testing Kit

This testing kit has everything you need and contains:
- Easy to use Bayer Contour NEXT EZ meter
- Lancing device
- 100 Lancets
- 100 Test Strips
- Control Solution, Manual and Carrying Case.
Many users.

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Bayer Contour Next USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Besides reading results on the tester, you can also connect directly to a computer for the test results, trends and recharging the battery.
Carb and insulin data collection.
Prevents wasted test strips.
Also accurate glucose measurements in case of low glucose levels.
Features a clear display and diabetes management software.

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ACCU-CHEK Nano SmartView System Kit

This tester features a nice backlit display in a sleek design.
Works with the SmartView test strips.
Test results in 5 seconds.
Comes with carrying case.

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Bayer's Contour Blood Glucose Meter

Simple and easy to use tester.
Also indicates certain period averages of your glucose levels.
Test results in 5 seconds.

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True 2 Go Blood Glucose Meter

Testing results in 4 seconds.
Clear display.
Some people find this tester inaccurate while others are quite positive about it.

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GE100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Testing results in 5 seconds.
Large, well-readable screen.
Archives up to 500 results.

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One Touch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter

Thos OneTouch tester comes with 10 test strips, lancing device and a couple of lancets.

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Precision Xtra NFR Blood Glucose Monitoring System

This blood glucose and ketone tester features a large display, extra assurance and control.
Simple to use meter.
Stores up to 450 tests and comes with carrying case.

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ReliOn Confirm Test strips

20 Confirm micro test strips for the ReliOn Confirm and micro blood glucose meters.
For testing on fingertip or palm.
Just a very small blood sample needed.
Here's more on ReliOn Confirm test strips

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