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Besides popular flat irons there's the Global Beauty Ceramic Hair Straightener. It is the original ceramic flat iron, also known as GB ceramic hairstyling iron.

I'm sorry, this product is no longer available.

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The manufacturer of these hair straighteners - Global Beauty Inc. - indicates that contrary to popular belief, most ceramic straighteners have ceramic coated plates to give a non-stick smooth surface, obviously the more expensive the Global Beauty straightener the thicker the ceramic coating. The plates are usually made of aluminium for fast heat transfer.

Hair straighteners that are sometimes mentioned as "solid(100% coated) ceramic plates" are in fact straighteners with high performance ceramic elements. The true ceramic heating technology features the ceramic element, which can go as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds, and then stay at the exact operating temperature.

The high operating temperature and ceramic coated plates seal down the cuticle and remove excess moisture, for immediate sheen and straightness for professional looking results that can last 2-3 days. The results are also moisture resistant. Although there are now some solid plate ceramic straighteners available manufacturer has only found Exceon solid ceramic to be of good built quality.

The hair irons from Global Beauty Inc. feature temperature control from 140-450 degrees Fahrenheit so you can select the best temperature for your hair type.

Their ceramic hair straighteners have plates, which are about 3 cm across. The ceramic-coated plates give a non-stick, smooth and polished straightening result. Ceramic heater always stay at their optimal temperature for most desirable straightening, as well as heating up to their operating temperature in seconds. The non-stick ceramic-coated plates, together with a high operating temperature, simply smoothes away curls and frizz, straightening, the manufacturer says.

According to Global Beauty Inc., conventional straighteners that snag and stick to hair, while those ceramic straighteners can actually be good for hair! They can seal in moisture and there's no need for excessive use of the hairdryer.

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