Best Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

Best Flat Iron Hair Straighteners
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There's a lot of choice when looking for a flat iron.
You'll find here information on popular hair straigteners such as HSI Professional, Remington Thermaluxe, BaByliss Pro, Onei MK-I Halo, GHD Classic, Conair S6B Styler, InfraShine Original Medium, Solano, CHI Pro,   but also about new flat irons.

If you hesitate about whether the iron heats your hair too much - frying? -or leave it too dry after straightening, you might try to take more hair (thicker) to straighten and depending on your experiences, then take less.
Many flat irons also have a button to set the temperature.


- With this extremely popular hair straightener you not only straighten but also flip and curl your hair.

- You can set the operating temperature between 240 and 400F (= in Celsius: 120 - 200C)
- You may well create a shinier and silkier finish in less time with this iron equipped with ceramic/tourmaline ion plates.
- This straightener is also handy when you travel, it measures about 12 inch so you can just put it in your travelbag.
- Some have good experiences using this tool for African American hair and the Argan oil that comes with it.
- Dual voltage: 110V and 220V for abroad, in almost every country.

Rating: Great and very, very popular!

See Amazon Here for this HSI ceramic flat iron.

BaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron - 1 Inch - model: BABP9557

Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron BaByliss Pro - 1 Inch, model BABP9557.

Instant heat and recovery. Equipped with Reostat temperature control. Heats up to 450 Fahrenheit. Porcelain ceramic plates, 4'' long. Comes with 8ft swivel cord.

Rating: Great and many users.

See Amazon here for this BaByliss Pro.

Professional Flat Iron Solano Sleekheat450 - 1 and 1.25 inch models.

Ceramic plates.
Can heat up quite fast to 450 degrees F. - far infrared heat.
Variable temperature. Cold touch tips. This hair straightener also works abroad via a travel converter.

Users are quite satisfied with this Solano flat iron.

See Amazon here for the Solano Sleekheat 450 flat iron.

Miss Universe - Titanium Volumizing Iron CHI Pro 3/4 Inch

Another hair straightener from this so well-known brand, in pink color.

Iron temperature goes up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (= 210 degrees Celsius).
The plates - 3/4 inch - are not flat but curved so you can create volume.
Users love this one.

See Amazon here for this pink CHI flat iron.

Ceramic Flat Iron Onei MK-I Halo

With these ceramic plates you'll get straighten, flip,curl, and gives you shiny, silky hair. Heats up to 450 Fahrenheit being perfect for all hair types and Brazilian keratin treatments. It also has a 30 minute automatic shut-off. Comes with a 4-year warranty.

Many users appreciate this Onei MK-I Halo flat iron

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NEW: Remington Thermaluxe S9110P T|Studio Slim Hair Straightener

Recently introduced hair straightener and now already quite popular.
Its gradient concentrates heat at the root, delivering consistent heat across the plates, in contrary to some other straighteners that have flucuations in temperature.
It may help you to decide to read reviews of users at Amazon.

Users are satisfied with this flat iron.

See Here Amazon for the Thermaluxe S9110P T|Studio hair straightener.

1-inch Styler GHD Classic

According to the GHD company their 1 inch ceramic flat iron is quite suitable for hair straightening quickly. Mind that it heatens up very fast.
80% of buyers are satisfied or very satisfied about this hair straightener from GHD.

See Amazon here for the 1-inch Styler GHD Classic.

Conair S6B You Crimp or Straight Styler, Blue

Conair S6B You Crimp or Straight Styler, Blue.

Creates 2 styles with 1 tool: Crimp or Straight and features tourmaline technology which reduces frizz. Heat up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Ceramic plates provide even heat with no damaging hot spots.

See Here on Amazon.

Black Original Medium Flat Iron InfraShine - 1 inch.

Hair straightener with far-infrared technology, ceramic heating element which heats quickly.

Power: Energy efficient, uses only 35 watts and is equipped with a 9 feet swivel cord.

Consumer Ratings:
Used by many salons/stylists having good experiences with this hair straightener so many salon clients bought an InfraShine ceramic flat iron for own use. Online reviews show excellent ratings.

Price indication: Less than $100 which is quite acceptable compared to competitive flat irons.

Summary: Online reviews about this InfraShine flat iron 1 inch show excellent ratings. So it must be a good flat iron for most people. Performance and price beat many flat iron brands.

Highly rated.

See Amazon here for the InfraShine Original Medium flat iron.

Ceramic Flat Iron CHI PRO 1-inch, in Vintage Pearl

Ceramic Flat Iron CHI PRO 1-inch, in Vintage Pearl, Formal Attire and Aurora.

These CHI straightners feature infrared heating so there's less chance of frizz and static effect.
You can use this iron to straighten, flip, wave and curl your hair.

See Amazon the Vintage Pearl model.

Ceramic Hair Straightener Beachwaver

Automatically shuts off after 45 minutes of non-use, so no worry for you if you forgot to turn it off.
Remembers you favorite heat setting.
Leave this hair tool at home when traveling abroad as it is not advised to use with a converter. The Beachwaver company states that their flat iron is made to only work with USA outlets and voltage.

Watch the video here about the Beachwaver flat iron:

See Here on Amazon.

Original Iron Cloud Nine

Features 360 degrees swivel cord giving you freedom in moving at any angle.
Latest ceramic heating technology.
According to the company their hair straightener is especially suitable for medium to long hair.

See Amazon here for the flat iron Cloud Nine.