Led Light Therapy For Skin Care

Best LED Light Therapy for Skin Care
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There's a lot of choice when looking for a LED light therapy device for your skin.
May be you want to know more about the different colors / wavelengths used for light therapy.

I try to help you by researching the various devices, so you can choose the one suitable for you.

It may give you an idea about differences between a brand or model vs another.
The LED light devices you'll find below become more and more popular as it cost you less than a single photo facial treatment. Images below may lead to webpages for more information, or to Amazon where you can read through the reviews which is quite informative.

The devices for LED Light Therapy for skin, come in various models.

- Table models,
such as RejuvaliteMD,   Norlanya Photon,   Project E Beauty.

- Masks,
such as the Deesse, the Project E Beauty(& Carer) and the illuMask for acne or for anti-aging and the 3 and 7 light colors masks.

- Handhelds,
such as Project E Beauty,   La Goodwind,   LightStim .

- Handhelds, each color its own treatment head,
such as devices from Rejuven, Helios and Bright Therapy SR11A.

Red Light Device RejuvaliteMD for Anti Aging and Skin Rejuvenation.

This RejuvaliteMD light therapy device features High Power LEDs with Red, Yellow, Amber, and IR LED Wavelengths to penetrate skin at different levels.

Treats fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, scars, and skin laxity.
A user: After about 2 weeks of use, my face looks better and more even already. Also notice a lessening in wrinkles.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - 1 Year Warranty.
See Amazon U.S. Here for the Red Light Device RejuvaliteMD for Anti Aging and Skin Rejuvenation.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here.

LED Light Therapy System Rejuven | 4 interchangeable heads

With this Rejuven system you get treatment heads each in a different color.
RED:   for brightening and evening the skin tone. Stimulating the collagen protein and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

YELLOW:   for relieving irritation and aiming to enhance the immunity within the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system.

BLUE:   for killing bacteria from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and breakouts.

GREEN:   for calming and balancing the skin tone, which can help breakdown and prevent uneven melanin (pigment) production.

See Amazon U.S. Here for the Rejuven device.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

Facial Light Therapy and Massager La goodwind PH-1

Three colors and massager system suitable to use against skin aging, acne and skin smoothness.
It is a relatively new device on the market, but got already a good reception.

Besides a flawless skin, it also reduces acne (blue light), rosacea and hyperpigmentation (yellow light).

Be aware though that when suffering from dysfunction of skin glands it might be harder to see results with acne.

Many users appreciate this product.

See Amazon U.S. here for the La goodwind PH-1 light therapy and massager system.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here.

Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine

Norlanya Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine.

Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces pore size, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and age spot.

Wavelengths: Red Light (630nm), Blue Light (470nm), and Yellow Light (590nm)

Output Power: 25W - 420 LEDs total - Approximately 140 LEDs of each color.

With this light therapy you increase skin elasticity and improve circulation.

Many users seem to be quite satisfied with this product.

See Amazon U.S. Here. Also do read the reviews there.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here for the photon therapy device from ZJchao.

PURE RAYZ Skincare Therapy Device from Baby Quasar

The Red light, InfraRed light and Yellow light wavelengths helps reduce wrinkles and build new collagen. it should be gentle enough for all skin types and tones.

According to the manufacturer, its device gives much better results as the amount of power emitted by Pure Rayz is four times stronger than any of our competitors.

Recommended use:
Apply it five days per week for the first eight weeks.

See Amazon U.S. here for this Baby Quasar Pure Rayz device for skin care.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

SKINCLINICAL Reverse Anti-aging LED Light Therapy Device

This SkinClinical cordless handheld for anti-aging light therapy - just recently co-developed by Dr. Glassman and named: Reverse.

Here more about this red and infrared light therapy for skin device.

Caribbean Sun Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation.

Treating facial aging skin while applying LED technology Red and Yellow light

According to the manufacturer power consumption of this professional model RB-PRO is quite low.

It is also for international use (110 - 220 V), lightweight and portable.
Eye goggles come with it.

The big advantage for some users is that you don't have to hold it in your hands like with a handheld device.

See Amazon U.S. here for the Caribbean Sun Light Therapy Treatment device.

From the U.K.?   then see Amazon U.K. here.
It is not exactly the same device as described above, but it may be a good alternative.

Photo-rejuvenation Kit Project E Beauty LED 3 Colors with Ultrasonic Massager.

Red, Blue and Green Light Therapy, Plus Ultrasonic Massager.

You can apply the lights on your skin separately of the massager or using it together. Comes with 30ml Duplex E Collagen.

Some see already improvements or a refreshed feeling after two weeks, while it takes longer for other users, may be due to differences in skin types. You need patience.

The lights reduce wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, pimples.

Read more about this 3 Colors Light and Ultrasonic Therapy For Skin device

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne Therapy Device

With this Clear Rayz device you've got two light colors (wavelengths), which you use separately.

The RED light fights inflammation and supports the growth of new skin cells.
The BLUE light helps against acne.
The device is meant for all skin types.

See Amazon U.S. here for this Baby Quasar Clear Rayz device for acne.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

Mini Foldable PDT LED Photon Therapy Project E Beauty 7 Color Red/Blue/Yellow combinations.

This light therapy for skin device features 7 Colours (different combination of Red, Blue and Yellow Light).

Different wavelengths with different application: Red (630nm), Blue (463nm), Yellow ( 590nm), Cyan (470nm), Orange (610nm), Green (527nm) and Purple (600nm) for supporting your skin in various ways.

Here's more about this Project E Beauty Light Therapy for Skin Machine. There's also the Angel Kiss alternative.

Perfectio Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Device

A system for rejuvenating your skin appearance and structure, with red and infrared LED light and topical heating.
As the company Zero Gravity states, when you use its light therapy device, the light penetrates your skin where it is absorbed by the pigmentation.

It supports blood circulation, collagen and elastin towards the area you treat, helping to plump and firm your skin.

Features 100 - 240 volt, so you can also use it abroad.

Watch the video here about the Perfectio system.

See Amazon here for the Perfectio LED Rejuvenation System.

Nova Red Intraderma Red Light Therapy Device

New device:
Red light therapy machine featuring 660nm (nanometers) light wavelength - red - and combined with heat induction.

Here's more about the Nova Red Intraderma.

Led Light Therapy Mask For Face

Masks equipped with LED lights for your facial skin or acne or both.
Each light color on their specific nm wavelength.

There's also information on the popular masks from IlluMask.

Here's more about LED light therapy masks for skin care to use at home.

Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System

Advanced Rejuvenation System Sirius Nova

This Sirius Nova Rejuvenation System not only has the 3 interchangeable treatment heads/panels using red, blue and green LED lights, but also a microcurrent galvanic treatment head for cleansing, lifting, toning.

This Sirius Nova product has always been popular and maybe even the most sold home light therapy for skin device.

Read about Sirius Nova's treatment lights, power, pros, cons and more…

5 Functions Device Light Therapy for Skin from Au Fait

This multi-function, bipolar device features five light colors/wavelengths: red (620nm), green (520nm), blue (465nm), yellow (590nm), pink (700nm). You can set intensity levels and there's a timer to shut off automatically. You can not set a combination of colors.

The other functions are: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), RF (Radio Frequency 89 kHz) stimulation of this skin, Mesoporation and Electroporation.

All meant to reduce the effects of skin aging, acne, damaged skin, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet.

When using the device you just feel it very lightly, and it's not painful.

This quite well appreciated wireless device features a rechargeable battery, and comes with a USB charger and cable.

See Amazon Here for the Au Fait device.

Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device QUASAR MD PLUS.

Improved wrinkle-reducing led light technology device - FDA-cleared, treating periorbital wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes).

According to manufacturer: 50% STRONGER than the Baby Quasar PLUS and Improved ease of use.

NEW C-Factor technology and Class II medical device.

Read Here more about the Baby QUASAR MD PLUS

NOVA RED Light Therapy Machine for Skin Care

LED light therapy for skin device to boost collagen for firming and lifting you skin. It reduces wrinkles and fines lines, and also helps preventing wrinkles somewhat.

RED light wavelength is 660 nm and light dimension is about 3 x 2 inch.

This collagen boosting led lamp device features automatic time-control, so when the pre-programmed exposure time is over, it auto-shuts.

See Amazon U.S. here for the NOVA RED.

From the UK, then see Amazon U.K. here for a similar red light therapy for skin device.

LED Light Therapy System Helios

System with 3 interchangeable panels of precisely engineered wavelenghts of Red, Blue & Green light to achieve powerful targeted results.

The blue light works well for acne and blemishes. And the device is light-weighted, cordless, rechargeable and low priced.

See Amazon Here for the Helios device.

Project E Beauty New Anti-aging Microcurrent & Photon Therapy 7 Color Lights.

Besides that it good for your skin rejuvenation, it is also quite useful for reducing and preventing wrinkles.
This device features 7 color grades to stimulate skin cells and blood circulation.
It's sort of all-in-one device.

See Amazon U.S. Here for this Project E Beauty device.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here.

LightStim for Wrinkles

This advanced FDA-cleared device features an all-in-one treatment head with 4 colors (wavelengths) Amber, Light Red, Dark Red, and InfraRed.

The company indicates that once you have achieved your desired results, you can reduce your treatment time to twice a week for maintenance, but most people continue to use their LightStim regularly because they love the gentle soothing and relaxing warmth.

Read Here more about the LightStim for Wrinkles.

Red Yellow Healing Anti Aging Infrared Light Therapy.

Handheld Triple Array device - 3 LED light colors/wavelengths:

Yellow - 590nm for skin conditions - helps build collagen and reduce wrinkles.
Red - 660nm for healing - it is fast method to regenerate tissue.
InfraRed - 880nm to increase blood circulation and often applied to treat sore muscles and joints.

You can use those 3 color LED lights separately or all together

See Amazon U.S. Here.

Morjava MJ-9900 Multi-Color Light & Electrical Stimulation Therapy for skin

This handheld features multi-color lights to treat your skin. Other functions of this skin care device are electrical stimulation of skin muscles and stimulation by radio frequency (RF).

See Here on Amazon for the Morjava MJ-9900 device.

BrightTherapy Trident SR11A Light Therapy System Red Blue Green LED Light for Acne Wrinkles and Hyperpigmentation

BrightTherapy Trident SR11A Light Therapy System Red Blue Green LED Light.

Light therapy system with three interchangeable treatment heads. Stops acne with the high power Blue LED light. Reduce hyperpigmentation & varicose veins with Green LED light. Fight wrinkles and aging with Red and Infrared LED light. Wavelengths: Red Light (660 nm), Infrared Light (880 nm), Blue Light (415 nm), and Green Light (525 nm).

Read our review…

Acne Solution Device Silk'n Blue.

To treat problematic, recurring acne by applying the blue light on each infected area or blemish for 3-4 minutes daily.

The LED light wavelength is 416 nm (nano meter).
Silk'n Blue is FDA-cleared.

Here's more on Silk'n Blue Light Treatment For Acne, Psoriasis & More

TANDA Clear Plus

Professional TANDA Clear Plus Acne Clearing Solution.

This TANDA Clear Plus device combines bacteria-killing blue LED light with sonic vibration and gentle warming to reduce acne and breakouts.

BLue light wavelength is 414 nm (nano meters).

Read more about the Tanda Acne Clearing Solution device

ZJchao LED Light Therapy Device for Facial Skin Therapy

The Light probe will emit 3 different LED light/wavelength - red(650-730 nm), blue(430-450 nm) and yellow(560-590 nm), and two kind of micro-current.
The current frequency ranging from 20-5, 000Hz which induce a smooth titanic contraction in the muscle fibers and stimulate the skins functions and circulatory systems. Best for lift up, tighten and firm the larger muscles.

See Amazon U.S. Here for the light therapy system.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here for the photon therapy device from ZJchao.

Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial Treatment.

Tanda Luxe uses the same red light technology as dermatologists to boost collagen and fight the major signs of aging for more radiant, visibly younger-looking skin.

Red light technology has been used by dermatologists and skincare professional for its rejuvenating benefits for many years. By targeting the signs of skin aging at their source.

Applied red light wavelength is 660nm.
The device also features sonic vibration.

See Amazon Here for the Tanda Luxe.

Sirius Pulsar blemish clearing device review

Sirius Pulsar Blemish Clearing Device Review.

New light therapy for skin device the Sirius Pulsar to treat mild to moderate acne with thermal energy and blue light.

Using the very portable system may give you fast results when applied at first sign of new pimples.

Read Here more about the Sirius Pulsar.

Acne Clearing Device Tanda Zap.

A blue light therapy device with the sonic feature to treat your skin and acne.
According to the manufacturer this popular battery-powered device can also be used for oily skin and other skin types/tones.
Blue light is well-known for its positive effect in treating acne.

See Here on Amazon for the Tanda Zap.

From the U.K.? then see Amazon U.K. Here.

From Canada? then see Amazon Canada Here.

5 Functions Device Light Therapy for Skin from Yokpollar

Phototherapy rejuvenation 5-in-1 skin care system.
Features the biowave technology for stimulation of dermal activity.

Good for your wrinkles, getting a smoother skin - improces blood circulation in the skin - and does well for acne and hyper-pigmentation. See Amazon U.S. here for more info.
Also do read the reviews there.

From the UK, then see Amazon U.K. here for a similar light therapy for skin device.

Photon Red Light and Microcurrent Face Massager.

This new device's red light should be quite suitable to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and sun spots, as it improves skin texture.

Some people also benefit from this red light by using it for their joint pain. (Here's more on red light for pain relief)

With the second option of this device, the microcurrent masage you can for example somewhat lift sagging jowls and so.
Some people prefer moisturizing their skin before applying microcurrent.

See Amazon U.S. Here for this red light and microcurrent massager.

From the Canada? Then see Amazon Canada Here.

From the U.K.? Then see Amazon U.K. herefor a similar red light therapy device.

Bria Beam Facial Set

Really affordable 2-in-1 system featuring a red LED light and a vibration system and including a peptide serum and a Hyaluronic cream.

Here's more about the Bria anti-aging device system.

Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy 38 LEDs Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm.

The red LED lights of this popular device increases the collagen which fills in the fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet that start to occur as we age.
The benefits are easy & pain free only 15 minute sessions daily, comfortable home use with your own lamp.

Besides using it for skin care purposes such as clarity and tautness of skin, there are also people who apply this lamp to areas of pain and indeed they feel pain relief.

FREE eye protection & 30 day money-back guarantee.

Read more about red LED light bulbs 660nm

Some devices equipped with red and/or infrared lights can also be use for pain relief.