Led Light Therapy Mask For Face

LED Light Therapy Mask for Face
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There's choice when looking for a LED light therapy mask for your face. Also called a DPL - Deep Penetrating Light - therapy mask

There are led masks equipped with the 3 color lights:
Red color light for wrinkles/fine lines.
Blue color light for acne.
Green color light for age spots, hyperpigmentation.

There are masks featuring InfraRed light next to Red and Blue lights. InfraRed is particularly suitable for wound healing and pain relief. See for example the Deesse mask.

There are also masks with 7 color lights:
The main color lights Red, Blue, Green like above, plus lighter or darker variations of these colors such as Purple for shrinking pores, Cyan for treating acne, Yellow to reduce oil and Laser to calm and smoothen your skin.

And there are masks like IlluMasks with combined colors.

May be you want to know more about the different colors / wavelengths used for light therapy.

I try to help you by researching the different masks, so you can choose the one suitable for you. It may give you an idea about differences between light therapy masks to use at home. Images below, may lead to online store Amazon or to webpages for more information on the subject or product.
From the U.K. or Canada? If there are matching products available in your country, the Amazon link will show it to you.

The LED light masks you'll find below, become more and more popular as it cost you less than a single photo facial treatment at a beauty salon.

Acne Clearing Mask from Pulsaderm.

Treating and clearing acne breakouts can now be done with the LED light therapy mask from Pulsaderm. You may already know that the combination of red and blue LED light technology is scientifically proven to kill acne causing bacteria and reduce the appearance of breakouts.

This lightweight mask comes with:
- Eye Goggles to protect eye during treatment,
- Three AA batteries, (no replacement charge pack needed)
And features "Auto shut-off" after 10 minute treatment is complete.

Click Here to See on Amazon.

Skin Care Phototherapy Mask from KRASR.

This is a popular 7 color facial beauty skin care mask.
The light therapy mask uses natural light waves to heal a number of skin problems using LED lights.
Each color of light has a different cosmetic effect on the skin to solve a number of problems.
Fine-lines, inflammation/irritation, uneven tone, large pores, oily skin and acne.

Click Here to See on Amazon.

Project E Beauty - LED Photon Therapy Red Blue Green Light Mask

This mask device comes with remote control, USB Cable, power cord voltage: 110V- 220V and user manual.
The red light operates at 650 nm, the blue light at 463 nm and the green light at 527 nm wavelength.
Blue light is quite suitable for acne/pimples.

Such a mask has also been available under the name: Pro-Nu.
This Project E Beauty mask does not have a fixed number of treatments like the one from IlluMask which needs to be replaced after 30 treatments.

See Amazon here for this light therapy for face mask.

IlluMask - LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Mask for Younger Looking Skin.

This anti-aging mask is equipped with red and infrared lights. Apply it regularly for 15 minutes daily.
It comes with a controller and is for 30 treatments.

An IlluMask mask is not that expensive. But you could also consider buying a different device featuring 3 or more colors, microcurrent and sonic vibrations - see: skincare led light therapy devices. You then have a device with a long lifespan.

See on Amazon for the anti-aging Illumask.

La Lumière illumask Anti Acne Light Therapy Mask Reviews .

With this FDA-cleared illuMask system you have 30 treatments against acne, to be done at the convenience of time and place at your home. It is an affordable system consisting of Blue and Red LED lights.

Read more about this acne device

By the way, Neutrogena the wellknown brand of skin and hair care products, also plans to come with such anti-acne mask.
It looks the same as the mask from Illumask. Stay tuned for more on this. Now, Neutrogena the wellknown brand of skin and hair care products, also comes with a anti-acne mask. It looks like the same as the mask from Illumask, but has a lower price tag.
While the illumask anti-acne mask is priced at about $55, you can buy the Neutrogena mask for about $36.

See Amazon Here for the Neutrogena anti-acne mask.

Deesse LED Mask for Facial Light Therapy at Home

Best light therapy technique comes from South Korea.
The mask we're talking about here sure is advanced. The emission area is full face. You can apply three different treatments with it:

- Anti-aging / wrinkles, supporting blood circulation, pain relief and wound healing using Red
Wavelength and output power, Red = 630nm - max. 12mWatt/cm2

- Acne and scar treatment using Blue.
Wavelength and output power, Blue = 415nm - max. 6mWatt/cm2

- Overall skin treatment using Red and Blue lights.

The mask comes with controller, strap, adapter (100-240VAC), power cord, eye guard and user manual.

See Amazon here for more on the facial light therapy mask Deesse.

Transparent Light Therapy Mask

A mask made of transparent material and equipped with red light. I think it is nicely shaped.

Click the image to see it at Amazon.

Newkey 7 Color LED Light Photon Therapy Mask

This 7 LED color lights mask is the advanced version of a 3 color lights mask. But besides the Red, Blue and Green, it features 4 more light colors: Purple(Pink), Cyan,(Aqua) Dark Purple and Light Blue. Each with their specific wavelength of light-emittance.

So, you've got more options to fine tune the light therapy treatment for your skin. It is recommended to limit each treatment time to 15 -30 minutes. You can use the mask daily or weekly, depending on your skin condition.
The 1-5 energy setting means 1= low light intensity, 5= highest light intensity.

Contrary to some other masks, this mask has no limit to the number of times you can use it.
And it also comes with eye protection glasses.

See Amazon here for the Newkey light therapy mask for skin.

Angel Kiss Light Therapy Mask

This 7 color light therapy skin rejuvenation mask does a few things such as helping you to reduce melanin pigment, to treat acne and dermatitis (inflammation), reducing/fading wrinkles and scars.

See Amazon here for this light therapy mask.

Dr Lumen Generation II Red Light LED Facial Mask

A battery-powered facial mask device equipped with red led lights that does well for anti-aging purposes.
It is advised to take out the batteries when you don;t use the mask.

See Here on Amazon.