About Omron hbf-514c Full Body Composition Monitor and Scale

Omron hbf-514c Full Body Composition Monitor and Scale
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About a total body composition monitor and scale, featuring 7 fitness indicators such as body weight, body fat percentage, BMI= body mass index, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, resting metabolism and body age.


- As indicated already above the seven fitness indicators.
- Full body sensing being more accurate than monitors measuring foot-to-foot.
- memory storage option up to 90 days and for up to 4 persons.
- Large display.
- Retractable cord.

How it works

This monitor measures body condition by sending a very low current through your body - from arm to foot - and so detecting the amount of water in each tissue, also known as impedance.

Watch the video here (Spanish version):

Measuring Body Weight

For persons weighing less than 330 lbs.
You can switch settings between lb and kg.

Normal Body Fat Percentage

For male:
Age 20-39 = 8.0 - 19.9
Age 40-59 = 11.0 - 21.9
Age 60-79 = 13.0 - 24.9

For female:
Age 20-39 = 21.0 - 32.9
Age 40-59 = 23.0 - 33.9
Age 60-79 = 24.0 - 35.9

Normal Visceral Fat Level

Visceral fat level which is equal or smaller than 9.
This visceral fat is situated in the abdomen and surrounding vital organs. It can't be seen from outside of the body.

Body Mass Index - BMI

The Body Mass Index is calculated from a person's weight and height and is used as a screening tool to check a person's weight in relation to the height. The formula=
A: Multiply weight in pounds by 703
B: Multiply the height in inches by itself.
Divide A by B

Resting Metabolism

The resting metabolism is the minimum level of calorie intake required for a human body to function.

Normal Skeletal Muscle Percentage

For male:
Age 18-39 = 33.3 - 39.3
Age 40-59 = 33.1 - 39.1
Age 60-79 = 32.9 - 38.9

For female:
Age 18-39 = 24.3 - 30.3
Age 40-59 = 24.1 - 30.1
Age 60-79 = 23.9 - 29.9

Body Age

Calculation of weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle percentage yields an indication to whether body age relates to the actual age.


May be not as suitable for body builders.

This fitness monitor is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or other inplanted device, because of the low level electrical current of 50 kHz and less than 500 uA used by the sensing technology.

Shipping box dimensions are about 4 x 10 x 10 inches.

Look at Amazon if you want to buy for best pricing! Do read the reviews there.

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