Info on the new 4Jointz Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Cream

Info on 4Jointz Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Cream

A newly developed pain relief cream for arthritis joints, has been announced. According to the young company 4Jointz®, their new topical cream has been studied, tested, and reported in medical journals in the U.S. as well as in Australia.
"The individuals that were experiencing success were extremely, extremely grateful," said Bert Jacobson, Ph.D and Oklahoma State University professor.

In contrary to what you might think, this product - declaimed as being unique - hasn't been developed by a major pharmaceutical company but by a startup. It's makers indicate that their patented technology - to put it simple - combines extracts of certain herbs with tannic acid and eucalyptus oil.

The product, meant for those suffering from osteoarthritis (OA), or degenerative joint disease, is non-toxic and has no harmful side effects. No menthol or capsaicin either.
The topical may help people to take fewer pills, avoiding an operation, resuming walks, or a golf game.


The makers describe their new pain relieving topical cream as "powerful synergistic blend of standardized botanical extracts ... combining the active ingredients eucalyptus oil, Allantoin derived from a safe standardised comfrey extract, and tannic acid with an organic aloe gel along with penetration enhancers. "

Allantoin might stimulate cell devision (mitosis) and help damaged tissue to form new tissue.


The company has the intension to start delivery of their product in November 2016. But you might be one of the first to get a sample tube through a sweepstake - 1 winner every week, when leaving your email address.

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