About Using a Cold Laser Therapy Device for Professionals and Home use

Cold Laser Therapy Device for Professionals and Home use
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Achieving good results with the use of a cold laser therapy device, depend on a good understanding of the nature of pain conditions such as inflammation and injury, and on the other hand how the low level laser therapy technique is applied.

That this laser technique works, has been shown by a large number of researches and studies, such as laser therapy for musculoskeletal pain.

Here's information on some of the best cold laser therapy machines for professional use, and for home use. Images below may lead to webpages for more information, or to Amazon where you can read through the reviews which is quite informative.

Contents on Pain Relief Low Level Laser Therapy devices with price indication in USD.

- Terraquant TQ SOLO
   7.5mW 640nm | 60mW 875nm | 15W 905nm |    $2,500

- Terraquant TQ PRO
   7.5mW 660nm | 60mW 875nm | 25W 905nm |    $5,000

- Scalar Quantum
   4mW 420nm | 5mW 650nm | 5mW 780nm |   $2,500

   5mW 650nm | 170mW 808nm |    $330

- Figerm
   5mW 650nm | 150mW 808nm |    $150

- ProAller/Sinoriko
   5mW 650nm | 150mW 808nm |    $135

- Accessories

- Information on Laser, Laser Therapy, Benefits, How to Use and Sensitive to Intense Light

Terraquant TQ SOLO ULTIMATE Cold Laser System 2

According to the manufacturer, the Terraquant Solo cold laser device is the only handheld with exclusive Multi Radiance technology.

Suitable to use at the clinic and on the go, to temporary relief of pain related to arthritis, muscle pain and increasing microcirculation.
Already effective treatment with three preset frequencies and an easy-to-use pain-relieving guide.

- LED lights 7.5 mWatt 640 nm wavelength = Red light,
- SLD lights 60mWatt 875 nm wavelength = Infra-Red light (SLD=Super Luminescent Diodes),
- 15 Watt(= 15,000mw) super pulsed laser lights 905 nm wavelength = Infra-Red light,

Three preset frequencies for pulse repetition frequency laser and broadband infrared radiation.
Magnetic induction = 35 mT.
Treatment area covered = 5-10 cm2
Compatible with acupuncture and muscle trigger probes.
Powered by rechargeable built-in battery for up to eight hours.

For the Terraquant TQ Solo ULTIMATE Laser, see Amazon Here for more information, reviews and best pricing.

See Amazon Here for the Terraquant TQ Solo Laser including the 4-pieces probe set.

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Terraquant TQ PRO Cold Laser by Multi Radiance

This Pro system should contain everything you'll need for treating certain pain conditions in your patients.

Base device of the cold laser equipment is the SE25 emitter.

It gets more versatile - more various treatments - with the option to attach light probes.

- LED lights 7.5 mWatt 660 nm wavelength = Red light,
- SLD lights 875 nm wavelength = Infra-Red light (SLD=Super Luminescent Diodes),
- 25 (25,000mw) Watt super pulsed laser lights 905 nm wavelength = Infra-Red light,

Five preset frequencies for pulse repetition frequency laser and broadband infrared radiation.
Treatment area covered = 4 cm2

This device is applied for temporary relief of minor muscle (strain) and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, bursitis, sprains, fibromyalgia, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, temporarily increasing blood circulation where heat is indicated.

For example to reduce pain related to neck pain (cervical), low back pain (lumbar), elbow, wrist, knee, foot, ankle pain and injuries, lower extremities pain.

Treatments may also speed up healing, metabolic activity, reducing swelling.

See Amazon Here for the Terraquant TQ PRO Laser.

See Amazon Here for the Terraquant TQ PRO Laser including the 4-pieces probe set.

Scalar Quantum Wave Laser Healing Therapy

This is the Scalar Wave Laser Base Unit - handheld - with the lights working simultaneously and featuring :
- 8 laser lights 5 mWatt 650 nm wavelength = Red light,
- 8 laser lights 5 mWatt 780 nm wavelength = Infra-Red light,
- 20 narrow beam 4 mWatt 420 nm wavelength = Violet LED lights,
- digital display screen,
- Custom Frequency Input Capability.

Powered by rechargeable built-in 23.7 Volt lithium ion battery and the device, made in the U.S., comes with manual, training DVD, custom laser frequency manual, and AC charger.

See Amazon Here for the Quantum Wave Laser.

Red LED Light Low Level laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Red LED Light Low Level laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Red light therapy at wavelength 808nm (nanometer) and power of 150-220mw.

It helps against pains in back, feet, hands, elbow, knee, shoulder, and you can use it also when suffering from fibromyalgia, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

For this well-rated Low Level Laser red light therapy device, see Amazon Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

Cold Laser Therapy Device

Cold Laser Low Intensity Pain Relief Therapy

Laser therapy for pain relief, for inflammation, for skin injury. Laser light existing of non-heat photons of light to help healing body cells.

The laser device featuring 808nm and 650nm wavelengths, can operate in pulse mode or continuous mode, and is battery-powered.

Comes with Goggles, Operating instructions, Attractive carrying case, USA plug and charger, link to get Free eBook.

For this great-rated cold laser machine, see Amazon Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

Red LED Light Low Level laser Therapy - proAller/Sinoriko

For pain and wound healing: 650nm with 5mW output power.
For treating knee, muscle spasms, shouder pain and more...: 808nm with up to 150mW output power.

For this well-rated Low Level Laser red and IR light therapy device, see Amazon Here for best pricing, info and reviews.


Flex Arm with Dual Emitter Holder and C-Clamp


This bendable, flexible arm is compatible with TerraQuant Wheeled Cart or Multi Radiance Basic/Standard/Deluxe Magna Carts and Any MRM Laser emitter.

Attaches to any flat, stable surface and medical carts.
Allowing hands-free treatment with up to 2 emitters.
For this flex arm with dual emitter holder, see Amazon Here.

For a flex arm with single emitter holder, see Amazon Here.

Acupuncture and Muscle Trigger Point Probes

- This set of 4 probes (laser not included) are for multi radiance laser therapy, have organic polished glass and is acupuncture without needles. Can be attached to multi radiance equipment.

The set contains a dome probe, a auricular probe, a corporal probe and a utility probe.
You can treat smaller areas, and quite suitable for acupuncture and muscle trigger points.
For this set of probes, see Amazon Here.


The word LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
For "cold laser" you may also read: LLLT, low level laser, LPLT, low-power laser, soft laser, therapeutic laser , healing laser, and phototherapy.

Laser versus LED

There's also LED (Light Emitting Diode) applied in devices to treat skin and pain conditions. For more on LED light devices see LED Light for pain relief, such as the really popular TendLite light therapy device.

Now, here's how I would indicate the difference between laser en LED in a few words:
LED light works on skin level conditions, while Laser light works on conditions deeper than skin layers.

Laser Therapy

A laser therapy - LLLT - treatment for pain relief exists of a low powered but concentrated high energized beam of light with coherence and monochromaticity properties.
For example, super pulsed laser light: 905 nm (nanometer), yields high powered light in ultra short time - billionth of a second. Now, each pulse drives the light energy(photons) up to about 12 cm - 5 inches - into the target tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy Benefits.
LLLT, the combination of laser and LED light energy makes it so effective in temporary healing and pain relief by stimulating tissue repair and reducing inflammation.
Clinical trials and laboratory experiments shows benefits,such as:
- pain relief for osteoarthritis, muscular back pain, whiplash injury, cervical(neck) or lumbar radiculopathy(nerve abnormality), post-surgical pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome.
- fibroblastic (tissue-cell) regeneration,
- anti-inflammatory effects.
For more see heading: "LLLT in the treatment of pain" in this article, or another study here.

Price indication.
Indication of the cold laser therapy device price: from roughly a few hunderd up to several thousands US dollars for more enhanced cold laser equipment. Online reviews indicate that the less expensive devices also give satisfying results.

Cold Laser Therapy for Knees
For example, cold laser therapy for knees is popular. Considering the cost of cold laser therapy at a pro's office, people may decide to buy their own at-home-use device.

In general, these cold laser therapy devices are also applied on dogs and other animals such as horses.

Areas on animals that can be treated:
Acute and Chronic Otitis, Gingivits, Hot spots, Arthritis, Degenerative Joint and Disc Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Anal Glands, Lick Granulomas.

How to use a cold laser at home

In general, and to feel the radiance effect regularly apply your low level laser therapy device close to the skin on a painful area for at least 10 minutes. Set the intensity to what you need. The treated area will feel a bit warm, helping to relief your pain.

Don't use the device if you have dark or black skin and hair.
If your skin color is not dark, but there's black hair, shave the hair of the painful area.

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Sensitive to Intense Light

Certain drugs you take can make you sensitive to the intense light of mentioned devices. For example drugs such as antihistamines, used in cold and allergy medicines, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), to control pain and inflammation in arthritis, and antibiotics, including the tetracyclines and the sulfonamides.

Then there are personal care products that can make you sensitive to light, such as antibacterial soaps, artificial sweetners, deodorants, fluorescent brightening agents for cellulose, nylon and wool fibers such as laundry detergent, naphthalene (mothballs), petroleum products, and in cadmium sulfide, a chemical injected into the skin during tattooing.

Precaution concerning your eyes.
Pointing the device directly at your eyes or someone else's eyes could cause damage to eyesight. You should hold the device at such an angle that it is not directly pointing the light at you or anyone else to verify that the lights are on.