Info on HeatLux Pro Pain Relief System

A new pain relief system named HeatLux Pro from Home Skinovations company may be announced in the near future, as it is already FDA-cleared.
This company brings also other health and skin care devices to the market, such as the Silk'n FaceFX.


This system is a hand held device that emits energy in the form of near InfraRed light and radio frequency wavelengths. It provides heating to the skin - the treatment surface touches the skin - in order to increase tissue temperature and increasing local blood circulation, so to relief and relax minor muscular and joint/arthritis pain and stiffness.
The heating - 41 degrees - is a little more than the human body temperature.


As the company describes, their handheld HeatLux Pro II utilizes low power light spectrum in the form of an array of 24 LED lights that work at wavelengths of 630 nm (nanometers) and 850 nm, RF (Radio Frequency) 1 MHz - output power up to 24 Watt, and heating.
Output power of the heating plates has a maximum of 12 Watt.
Maximal optical power density: 60 mWatt per cm2
Voltage: 100-240 VAC.


As it has been cleared by FDA just recently it may take awhile before you can buy it.

See for now the other (Infra) Red Pan Relief Devices.