Info on Medication Patch Delivers Drug Through The Skin for Pain Relief

University of Warwick (UK) researchers, in cooperation with the Medherant company, developed a drug containing patch for delivering through the skin at a consistent dose rate.
The drug they experimented with sofar is Ibuprofen that is used against fever and infections and helps relief pain.

Medication Patch Delivers Drug Through The Skin for Pain Relief
Image: Medherant


Researchers indicate that the key features of their new patch technology are:

- "The patch remains highly tacky and thus adheres well to skin even when the drug load reaches levels as high as 30% of the weight/volume of the patch. The drug load made possible by this new technology can be 5 -10 times than that found in some currently used medical patches and gels.

- High drug load and a consistent drug release profile means the Medherant patches out-perform other patches and gels in their ability to deliver a consistent and significant dose of drug over a prolonged time from a small patch.

- It is a cosmetically pleasing transparent design with stronger adhesion than other commercial products - remaining stuck over its time of action but easy and comfortable to remove."


It still will take a lot of time before these patches will be available. Probably somewhere in 2018.

Pain Relief Patches without a Drug

Patches that are already sometime on the market and give pain relief - cool or warm sensation - but don't contain a drug, are for example those from Salonpas.
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