Info Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve

Popular electric essential oil diffuser having a nice, refined design and a price indication of $40. The designer/manufacturer qualifies its diffuser as an excellent whisper quiet electric ultra-sonic vaporizer and describes it as being purifying, sterilizing, moisturizing and ionizing by making the light little drops of water and essential oils. And believed to get relief from dry air, colds & flus, coughs, and more, such as skin conditions.
The LED light is meant as mood enhancement or distinct lighting.

This Deneve riverock essential oil diffuser can contain 100 ml of water, resulting in a working time of about 5 hours.
Oils we're talking about, usually have the odor or flavor of a plant. Same with applying in perfume.

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- 4-5 hours of usage with full water capacity.
- The diffuser in action is quiet, but now and then it may somewhat sound like a small water bubbling by.
- Automatic shut off when out of water.
- Measuring cup for quantity of water.
- 100-240V AC adapter.
Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve

- Dimensions: height: 3.2 inches, long: 6.9 inches and width: 4.6 inches.


You'll have best coverage within 250 sq.ft.

Essential Oils

Any therapeutic- or aromatherapy grade essential oil can be used. If you want to use somewhat more aggressive oils such as citrus oil it might be best to blend these oils with other types of essential oils.

Light band

The light band features bright colors sky blue, green and yellow and the more darker colors red and blue. You can also set the diffuser to one color.

About this diffuser:
This Deneve diffuser was meticulously molded from an international collaboration of usability and acoustics engineers & design experts whose mission was revitalize your well-being and soul. Our diffuser simulates and brings the best benefits of a babbling brook into your abode: from the smooth and round texture and shape of riverbed pebbles, to the very faint sound and the mist arising from the water as it flows over the rocks. Unwanted noise, heat, vibration, and complexity were virtually eliminated, while we enhanced the pleasant robust mist, soft ambient bubbling sound, and ease of use", says the company.

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