The True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring blood glucose system

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TRUE METRIX AIR Self-Monitoring blood glucose system by Nipro Diagnostics, Inc is a device for people with diabetes to test blood glucose/sugar and can deliver the test results also wirelessly to a smartphone.
These test results may help you in making choices to actively manage your diabetes.
The device has been cleared by the FDA.


Event Tagging:
Enables users to make the connection between activities/personal lifestyle and test results.
With the event tag feature - which you can turn or off - you can mark a test result that was taken during a specific event such as

Ketone Test Alert:
When you blood glucose result is over 240 mg/dL, this alert reminds you to check your ketones per your treatment plan.
You can set the alert on or off.

Data Management Capabilities:
500 test results memory including date/time and 7-, 14-, and 30-day averaging.

Memory storage.
You can store up to 500 test results. The oldest test result is automatically replaced with newest result when memory is full.

With the averaging feature you can view the average of all your blood glucose results within a 7-, 14-, and 30-day period.
In the averages there are no control test results included.

Self-Monitoring blood glucose system
Strip Release Button:
Eliminates handling of strips after testing.

Meter Case:
Soft textured meter casing makes it easy to handle.

Other features include: 4 seconds tests, tiny 0.5 microliter sample sise, testing reminder alarms, audible fill detection, control detection, download capabilities.

Triple Sense Technology™

True Metrix Test Strips

The True Metrix Air system uses True Metrix test strips that contain the Triple Sense Technology. It detects and analyzes but also corrects for environmental and physiological variability variables such as temperature and hematocrit. According to Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. it does that with proven precision and accuracy.

The company also indicates that their blood glucose meter and strips are covered by most private insurance plans, Medicare Part B and most Medicaid plans.

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