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We'll introduce you here to new dietary supplements such as CurcuminPro.

BioSoluble Protein-Powered Capsules CurcuminPro Complete

According to the CurcuminPro Complete manufacturer - Nutritional Delivery Systems - its product is the world's first BioSoluble(tm) protein-powered curcumin supplement.
CurcuminPro(R) Complete, offers the only BioSoluble clinical dosage level of 95% natural curcumin in easy-to-swallow capsules.

And their patent-pending BioSoluble formulation - which is powered by protein - accelerates the delivery of essential curcuminoids into the bloodstream and provides up to 36x the solubility of standard curcumin.

This products' benefits:
- Supports heart, joint, brain, and immune system health,
- Natural pain relief and joint support,
- High level of curcuminoids - each capsule contains 600mg of protein-curcumin complex,
- All Natural with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI),
- Quickly absorbed and assimilated, CurcuminPro(R) is scientifically proven to be 36x more,
- Soluble - and therefore - more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Directions: Take 2 capsules up to 4 times per day or as needed.

CPRO(R) Whey Protein Isolate - 1200mg (Instant whey protein isolate with sunflower lecithin, 95% curcumin (curcumin longa .L obtained from Turmeric roots).

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Meal Replacement Shake-Mixed Berry CurcuminPro Total Health

This meal replacement shake contains Nutritional Delivery Systems' proprietary BioSoluable CurcuminPro and mineral detoxying clay, TerraPro(tm). Their double protein powered meal replacement shake contains 27 grams of protein, 26 vitamins & minerals, 12 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of fat, and has both probiotics and prebiotics.

Each shake serving contains 1200 mg of their CurcuminPro Complete protein powered curcumin with up to 36X more biosolubility than other curcumin products.

This products' benefits:
- 170 calories per shake.
- Supports weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance depending on usage.
- Contains detoxifying mineral clay to combat aflatoxins and other free radicals.
- Supports heart, joint, brain and immune system health.
- Natural premium pain relief and joint support.
- High level of curcuminoid: each shake serving contains 1200mg of protein-curcumin complex.
- All natural with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).
- Supports a healthy immune response.

For Optimum Health: Replace on meal a day with a delicious Total Health shake.
For Weight Loss: Replace two meals a day with a delicious Total Health shake to help you meet your goals.
Total Health shake may also be used as a healthy snack in your diet and exercise program.

Directions: Mix 2 scoops with 8oz of low fat milk, milk substitute, or cold water.

Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Acacia Gum,(Prebiotics), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Micellar Casein Protein, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Magnesium [as Magnesium Oxide], Vitamin C [as Ascorbic Acid], Iron [as Ferric Orthophosphate], Vitamin E [as DL- AlphaTocopherylacetate], Vitamin A [as Palmitate], Vitamin B3 [as Niacinamide],Zinc [as Zinc Oxide], Pantothenic Acid [as Calcium D-Pantothenate],Chromium [as Chromium Chloride], Manganese [as Manganese Sulfate],Folate [as Folic Acid], Vitamin D3 [as Cholecalciferol], Vitamin B6 [asPyridoxine Hydrochloride], Vitamin B1 [as Thiamine Hydrochloride], VitaminB2 [as Riboflavin], Copper [as Copper Gluconate], Biotin, Iodine [as PotassiumIodide], Vitamin K [as Phytonadone], Selenium [as Sodium Selenite],Molybdenum [as Sodium Molybdate], Vitamin B12 [as Cyanocobalamin]),CProTM (as Instant Whey Protein Isolate with Sunflower Lecithin, 95%Curcumin [Curcumin longa L, obtained from Turmeric Root]), Cellulose Gum,Natural Colors, Sodium, BioCore(R) Optimum Complete (Amylase [fromAspergillus Oryzae], Protease [from Aspergillus Oryzae], Alpha-Galactosidase[from Aspergillus Niger], Glucoamylase [from Aspergillus Niger], Lactase[from Aspergillus Oryzae], Protease [from Aspergillus Niger], Invertase [from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae], Lipase [from Candida Rugosa Aspergillus Nigerand Rhizopus Oryzae], Acid Maltase [from Rhizopus Oryzae], Peptidase [fromAspergillus Oryzae]), Probiotics (Lactobacillus Sporogenes), AcesulfamePotassium, Sucralose, TerraPro(tm) (Calcium Bentonite Clay).

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