Info on How Red LED Light Therapy Can Help Your Skin

Skin Tissue Stimulation.

The red LED lights used for light therapy for skin - also called fractional light or phototherapy light - stimulates skin tissue processes such as fibroblast.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and 'fibroblast' means a cell from which connective tissue develops in the inner layer of the skin.

Wavelengths of red light therapy for skin devices vary, but ranges between 620 and 730 nanometer (nm). Usually the wavelength is 660 nm.

Improving Skin Texture, Wrinkles and Fine Lines.

This light-supported process and the heating that comes with the light, stimulates cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin.
As result, your skin becomes firmer and more elastic which make wrinkles and fine lines decrease.
It sort of improves skin texture, reduces pore size, improves dark complexion and makes the skin soft, moist and smooth.
Additionally it decreases the build-up of certain tissue like scar tissue, and may also improve Melasma and Psoriasis.

Reducing Inflammation and Sun Damage.

The red light heals breakouts and decreases the inflammation effect - redness. It is also effective in the treatment of sun damage.

Initiated and developed by the NASA, red light therapy has become quite popular and referrring to what's written above sofar, it is considered a healing light.

Various LED Light Therapy Devices Carrying Red Light.

There are - mostly handheld - devices with just the red light.
Then there are devices with red and two other colors - to use each color separately.
And you have (table) devices and masks with a separate - per color - or combined color light source.

Watch the video here about a red light therapy device:

More on Red Light Therapy for Skin Devices. There's also the red light device shown the video.

You can also look at a broader selection of light therapy for skin devices which besides red, have other light colors for specific treatments.

Skin Areas to Treat and Eye Protection.

You can use red light therapy in areas around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, around your mouth, and your neck.

It is advised to close your eyes - or take care of appropriate protection, for example goggles or sunglasses - when using the device around the eyes. Do not stare into the light.

And mind that where there's not much skin tissue or not much fat, your skin can heat up more quickly.

Treatment Sessions.

Treatments session durations may vary depending on the device type. Usually a session takes up to 15 minutes. Read the manual that comes with it.

Signs to End a Treatment Session.
You may experience a bit redness after you treated a certain area. Usually that will go away sooner or later depending you skin condition.

A sign that indicates end of treatment might be that you feel too much heat or even that your skin gets irritated. Then it is time to stop the session and allow a cool down time for your skin.
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