Info on Luxury Comforter Sets

Luxury Comforter Sets

You'll find here information about a newly developed comforter made of light, natural and breathable material. The name of the comforter is Buffy.

We also added information about two very popular and great-rated comforters from the brands Linenspa and Chezmoi Collection.

Info Buffy Comforter

First-Ever Eucalyptus and Mineral-Infused Comforter from Buffy

Buffy is a startup, which uses natural minerals and new microfiber technology to produce a - according to them - better comforter.

The company states that its microfiber is seven times finer than an eyelash and among the lightest materials on earth. It is blended with silk-soft natural eucalyptus fibers, which consume ten times less water than cotton to cultivate. They use techmology which infuses the materials with natural minerals to make it more breathable. Each comforter features approximately 10 million natural mineral particles and Buffy is the first to bring this technology into the comforter industry, we learn from press release

It continues with: "Each Buffy also uses a revolutionary design that creates a lighter, softer and fluffier comforter than ever before. While conventional comforters are made by placing loose fill material into compartments and then sewing the comforter together, Buffy takes its unique materials and spins them together in a style similar to spinning cotton candy. Its ultralight, natural and breathable material mix is slowly folded on itself hundreds of times to form a cloud-like comforter fill that is ultimately fluffier, lighter and softer than others.

"During the development process, we talked and tested our product with over 1,000 people to determine their wants and needs for a quality comforter," said Buffy CEO Leo Wang. "What we heard overwhelmingly from consumers is that they want a comforter that feels "like a cloud," so we decided to take the feedback seriously and approach it creatively. If you're going to make a comforter that feels like a cloud, you'll need new materials that are light, natural and breathable, and an innovative design for spinning it together. That's how we created Buffy," said CEO Leo Wang.

Buffy takes the hassle out of shopping for a comforter, which has proven to be a notoriously difficult task in the past, by allowing customers the opportunity to participate in its "Try Before Buying" program. The program includes free shipping and a 30-day at home trial with no payment required upfront.

Buffy retails for $120 for a Twin/Couch size, $150 for Full/Queen size and $190 for King/California-King size. The machine-washable, easy to care for, and cruelty-free comforters are now available for purchase on Buffy."

Alternative Quilted Comforter from Linenspa

The color choice for this comforter is White, Navy/Graphite, Sand/Mocha and Stone/Charcoal.

Sizes: Twin Xl(68" x 92"), California King(102" x 96"), Full(82" x 86"), King(106" x 92"), Oversized King(116" x 98"), Oversized Queen(98" x 98"), Queen(88" x 92") and Twin(68" x 86").

The microfiber fill is hypoallergenic, offering you softness without sneezes, for allergen-free comfort.

See Amazon here for this popular and great-rated LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter.

White Goose Down Alternative Comforter from Chezmoi Collection

Sizes: Twin(64" x 88"), Queen(88" x 88"), King(102" x 90").

These hypoallergenic down comforters gives you the warmth and softness of down that minimize the development of allergic reactions. It can make a big difference in sleep comfort and overall allergy levels, says the company.

The comforter is not filled by goose down, but alternative synthetic material, so it there are no feathers inside.
It is standard machine washable.

See Amazon here for this really popular and great-rated Chexmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter.

See here if want color choice.