The Best Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
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When looking for best wireless blood pressure monitor you can choose from several devices, each with its own characteristics and features.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) you should choose an automatic, cuff-style, upper-arm (bicep) monitor.
The AHA says that wrist and finger monitors yield less reliable readings.

If you're looking for a BP monitor that is suitable for a specific group such as elderly, children or pregnant women, be sure that it is validated for these conditions.
You might also measure your upper arm and choose a minitor cuff that meets the measured size.

I try to help you by researching the various monitors, so you can choose the one suitable for you.
You'll find here best and popular devices sorted in descending order of rating, which is also derived from wireless BP monitor reviews.

It may give you an idea about differences between a brand or model vs another, and which might be best for your needs.
When regular BP monitors have a moderate price tag, a more convenient one usually falls in a higher price range.

Images below may lead to webpages for more information, or to Amazon where you can read through the reviews which is quite informative.

Model BP786 of Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff

This blood pressure monitor is sort of successor of model BP791IT, and features - besides a large, bright display - Bluetooth Smart - , enabling you to connect wirelessly to your computer or mobile device, showing your blood pressure readings while online.

See Amazon here for these great-rated Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitors.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Withings for iOS and Android systems

The monitor works with all iOS 7.0 and higher devices, and with Android 4.0 and higher devices. Besides the wireless bluetooth connection option, you can also choose to use a cable.

Conveniently wireless through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for Apple and Android devices with the Withings Health Mate app - some people prefer using the iBP Blood Pressure app for iOS or for Android.

See Amazon here for this good-rated blood pressure monitor.

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple iOS and Android.

This nicely shaped blood pressure monitor is available in 7 colors and features the Qardio app for wireless connectivity with your iOS or Android device.

The 'friends and family option' lets you follow others or allows others to follow you back. You can also set reminders, and track your monthly average.

See Amazon here for this good-rated blood pressure monitor.

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor BP5 for iPhone and Android Phones.

Suitable for Apple iOS 5.0 or higher devices and Android 3.0 or higher devices

With the iHealth MyVitals app you can share the results instantly with friends, family or your doctor.

With this monitor you can also track your physical activities and daily diet.

See Amazon here for this fair-rated blood pressure monitor.

Blipcare Wi-Fi (Wireless) Blood Pressure Monitor, Tracks Data on Smart Phones, Two Users.

This monitor connects to your Wi-Fi home network to show you the readings

After registering at he Blipcare website your data can be tracked from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also send it to your doctor.

See Amazon here for this well-rated blood pressure monitor.

Omron 7 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff - model BP761

The blood pressure monitor BP761 comes with pre-formed and expandable cuff, so you avoid incorrect cuff positioning, resulting in accurate reading.

With this Bluetooth Smart function you can manage and track your last 120 readings on your iphone 4S and higher versions, Samsung Galaxy S III and higher versions featuring Android OS 4.3+. Also viewable on ipad 3 and higher, ipad mini featuring iOS 7+.

See Amazon here for this great-rated blood pressure monitor.

DW-702M Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from Truly Instrument.

This wrist blood pressure monitor features:
- Display date and time,
- Irregular heartbeat indication,
- 6 color WHO blood pressure light indicator,
- 4 users with 99 memories each.
- One touch automatic inflation and deflation,,br> - Average readings available by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and over all,
- 4 medication alarm settings,
- Clock mode: Show current DATE and TIME when not in operstion,
- Battery indicator,
- Power saving system.

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High blood pressure and Exercising
In case you're able to do exercising, it might help you reducing high blood pressure, as exercising or physical activity strengthens the heart so it can pump blood with less effort and strain on the arteries.