Reviews Flat Iron Ceramic InfraShine Straightener

Infrashine Flat Iron Reviews

Were talking here about 3 flat iron models from InfraShine, starting out using by hairstylists at salons and then also becoming popular by their clients. Many people bought one of the mentioned hair straightener models below because they had good experiences with it at hair salons.

Infrashine Pro 1 Inch Flat Iron Reviews

Black Original Medium Flat Iron InfraShine -1 inch.

Hair straightener with far-infrared technology, ceramic heating element which heats quickly.
Features a temperature dial.

Power: Energy efficient, uses only 35 watts and is equipped with a 9 feet swivel cord.

Consumer Ratings:
Used by many salons/stylists having good experiences with this hair straightener so many salon clients bought an InfraShine ceramic flat iron for own use. Online reviews show excellent ratings.

Summary: Online reviews about this InfraShine flat iron 1 inch show excellent ratings. So it must be a good flat iron for most people. Performance and price beat many flat iron brands.

Price indic.: under $100 which quite acceptable compared to competitive flat irons.

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InfraShine RedLine Professional 1

1 inch Professional InfraShine RedLine Flat Iron

Ceramic InfraShine Redline flat iron that features fast heat up and equipped with 5 temperature settings, from 170 to 400 F, with pulse light indication.

Power: Equipped with a 9 feet swivel electric cord.

Consumer Ratings: Rating is not as great as the above two mentioned InfraShine flat irons. Also way less users - has maybe to do with somewhat higher price.

Summary: A definitely less popular hair straightener than the above mentioned.

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2-inch Ceramic Infrashine Flat Iron - Unil

This Unil styling InfraShine hair straightener for long, thick or resistant hair, is quite suitable to create shiny, silky, straight or curly hair.

It features 5 temperature settings from 140F to 400F for instant heat.
Working: ceramic heating plates generate negative ions.

According to the company, far-infrared ray heat that keeps moisture in the hair and protects color.

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Ceramic Hair Straightener Infrashine REDLINE, 1 Inch

Fast heating up ceramic hair straightener Infrashine REDLINE, 1 Inch.
Heats up in 5 seconds and this iron can be set from 170 to 400 temperature, to be indicated by a light.
The iron features a good grip and comes with a 9 ft.power cord.

Users are quite enthusiastic about this REDLINE model from Infrashine.

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