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Ways to Style Your Hair Using the Best Hair Dryer

Styling your hair with best hair dryer

Blow dryers are handy beauty tools that help you speed up your drying time and style your hair. There’s an endless list of hairstyles you can create with a hair dryer; our favorites are beach waves, big curls, textured pixie, and S curls.

With the correct hair products and techniques, you can style your hair easily with your hair dryer. Check out the guides in this article.

How to Style Your Hair With a Hair Dryer

How to Style Your Hair With a Hair Dryer

There are many techniques and steps to help you style your hair beautifully. We have outlined our favorite steps for styling thick and thin hair with a hair dryer.
   1. Prepare your hair for your styling session by washing and detangling it. Be gentle; too much pressure can ruin your hair.
   2. Dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt until it is at least 80 percent dry.
   3. Section off your hair and spray the heat protectant on each section.
   4. Cut each section into smaller bits to make it more manageable.
   5. Pull the round brush firmly through your hair with your dominant hand. Use your other hand to hold the dryer to your roots.
   6. Position the nozzle to face the curls' direction, and then use the brush to manipulate the style.
   7. If you want more volume, hold your hair dryer so that it faces the opposite direction from your scalp.
   8. Finish with hairspray.

Trending Hair Dryer Styles

Trending Hair Dryer Styles

Beach Waves

You can style your hair in the famous beach waves with just your hair dryer, heat protectant, mouse, and clips. The great thing about beach waves is that you can rock them in and out of summer, and these hair dryers are straightforward to style.

Here’s how you can get professional-looking beach waves from the comfort of your home.
   1. Wash your hair with a good shampoo (one that doesn’t have sulfate in it). After washing your hair, take time to detangle and condition it.
   2. Section your hair into tiny bits so that you can get similar results all over your head. Use a hair clip to hold each of the sections in place.
   3. Apply heat protectant to your hair, from root to the tips. The heat protectant will provide a barrier between the heat and your hair.
   4. Take one section of your hair and split it into smaller sections. Place your dryer close to the root of your hair, with the nozzle facing away from your scalp, and blow on it.
   5. Go over each section until you are done.
   6. Break up the curls gently with your fingers to get a more natural wavy look.
   7. Hold the curls in place with a generous amount of mousse and volumizing spray for extra bounce.

Straight Hair

You can also use your dryer to straighten your hair. Yes, for that luxurious straight hair you admire on models. The steps are similar.
   1. First, prep your hair by thoroughly washing and conditioning it.
   2. Leave your hair to dry off before you apply the heat protectant to your hair.
   3. Divide your hair into smaller sections to achieve a salon-worthy-looking blowout.
   4. Divide the sections into smaller bits, use your round brush to brush the hair up, and then blow on it with your hair dryer.
   5. Make sure you hold the dryer with the nozzle facing your scalp; this technique is what gives you that sleek straight look.
   6. Apply hair spray generously to your hair to hold the look in place.

Tips to Help You Select a Great Hair Dryer

Some features make great hair dryers stand out from the rest. We have listed them below.

Adjustable Temperature Setting

Great hair dryers come with adjustable speed and temperature settings that help you set the right temperature for your hair. They may also include a cool shot button to help you finish your look and close your cuticles.


There are different attachments that manufacturers add to their dryers nowadays. Diffusers help circulate the air evenly to the ends of the hair and prevent frizz. They help define your curls even more and are great for curly hairs.

The concentrator is another hair dryer attachment that helps streamline the airflow. The broad concentrators help you reach more surfaces and are best for people with thick, long hair. However, narrow concentrator nozzles work best for curly, fine hair.

Sleek Design

Great hair dryers have a sleek, easy to hold design. They are also lightweight, so you can hold them up throughout the styling without your arms getting tired. With these features in mind, we have selected the best hair dryers available on the market this year.

Best Hair Dryers of 2021

With a great hair dryer, you can style your hair quickly. These are some of our favorite hair dryers. They help you achieve sleek, frizz-free hair with ease and work excellently with any hairstyle.

There are a million and one ways to style your hair with a hair dryer. We have listed how to achieve some popular looks as well as the best hair dryers for 2021.