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Info on American Ginseng Health Benefits, Uses, Side effects

by Ryan Langh

Info on American Ginseng Health Benefits, Uses, Side effects

American Ginseng Health Benefits

American Ginseng Tea Benefits

American Ginseng Uses

American Ginseng Side effects

American Ginseng Products

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American Ginseng Health Benefits


There is possibly benefit from using American ginseng (AG) for:
- relieving fatigue and weakness in adults,
- supporting the immune system,
- preventing cold or flu symptoms, and reducing the risk of getting repeat colds in a season, in adults between the ages of 18 and 65
- lowering blood sugar level in people with diabetes type 2.

From research we learn that American ginseng might improve arterial stiffness and attenuated systolic blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes. Although this sounds quite positive, further investigation is necessary.

American ginseng is also considered a stimulant.

A patented American ginseng extract HT1001, improves working memory in schizophrenia. There is also a reduction in medication-related side effects.

High blood pressure.
About the American ginseng blood pressure subject.
There is not enough evidence that taking American ginseng results in positively effects for people with high blood pressure.

Asian / Siberian ginseng.
Mind, that we are not talking here about Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus). These herb products are not the same as American ginseng, and have different effects.

American Ginseng Tea Benefits

Tea Benefits

You can use American Ginseng tea for the same health benefits as described earlier here.

You make the tea in the same way you make regular tea, by putting a piece of ginseng in a tea cup and pour hot water over it. You can also buy American ginseng tea bags.

American Ginseng Uses

Blood sugar level

Lowering blood sugar level

A few grams of American ginseng can lower the blood sugar level in people with diabetes type 2. You should take the American ginseng before a meal.

Ineffective or insufficient evidence

Next mentioned uses are either possibly ineffective or there's not enough evidence for:
- improving athletic and mental performance - reducing insulin resistance by HIV treament - ADHD - Breast cancer - Menopausal symptoms - and more...

American Ginseng Side Effects

side effects

Known side effects:
- digestive disturbances such as upset stomach, nausea, constipation and diarrhea,
- sleep problems (insomnia), nervousness and headache.

Some people experience allergic reactions such as itching and itchy rash, or other disorders such as rapid heartbeat and/or increased/decreased blood pressure, breast tenderness and vaginal bleeding in women when taking an American ginseng product.

Interactions with medicines:
There's a health risk when using an American ginseng product together with blood thinners and other medication.
If you want to know more about certain supplements and medicines combinations, there's an interesting book and/or ebook available.

American Ginseng Products

herb products

Below you will find two examples of American ginseng products, available at Amazon and well-rated.

You can click the images to go to the product page. I also recommend to read the reviews there. It might be quite informative.