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Here you will find information about weight loss diet pills. That's important, because the more info you get about certain diet pills, the better equipped you are to find the best medication to meet your needs.
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Xenadrine EFX
Xenadrine is an ephedra-free green tea extract compound and might be an alternative for people concerned about the safety of ephedra or unable to use ephedra-based products. It's a blend of natural, clinically proven metabolic compounds that work synergistically to produce unprecedented fat-burning results without containing ephedrine.
We also want to inform you about dangers, according to the FDA, that can occur with the use of products such as Ephedra.

If you're significantly overweight, but can't take stimulants then you might take Anorex Stimulant-Free. It's a powerful, safe, clinically proven fat-loss tool, perfect for anyone who is unable to take advantage of the original Anorex formula. Anorex Stimulant-Free Leptoprin-SF Weight Control Compound is suitable for the significantly overweight. Not to be used as a casual diet-aid.

This web site is about weight loss relieves and compounds such as Anorex SF, a patented, stimulant-free fat-burning weight control compound.
Anorex-SF(Leptoprin) is especially for people who have a significantly overweight, but can't take stimulants. If substantial, excess body fat is adversely affecting your health & self-esteem.

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