BlueMD Acne Light for Skin Care, Reviewed

BlueMD - Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment
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Trophy Skin's BlueMD device for acne treatments with blue light is a handsfree device - tabletop model, what many people appreciate. I reviewed this product and below you'll read my findings.

Reviewed: BlueMD Acne Light from Trophy Skin

Wavelength/Frequency and Licht Color

The BlueMD device emits Blue light at 420 nm frequency.
Studies indicate that the mentioned frequency is found most effective for acne treatments.
Blue light treatments have been done by dermatologists already for many years and with good results


The BlueMD device is made to effectively fight mild to moderate acne, which is about the same as most LED light therapy for skin devices, equipped with Blue light, do.
Acne treatments can best be done with the BLUE panel. The blue light makes that the acne bacteria get destroyed when absorbing the light. It clears breakouts and also helps decreasing oiliness and shrinking pores.
Blue light treatments have been done by dermatologists already for many years and with good results.
And now, with this device you can achieve the same results at home, and save money on going to a doctor's office for treatments.

And It should work better for your skin than ointments or creams.
Do stick to the directions, but it may take a while before you see results. Be patient.

Regimen/Use times

People from the age of 13 years can use the Blue light Each time 20 minutes, 3 times a week. The BlueMD head should be placed six inches from the skin.

It takes time for these treatments - within three weeks you might experience less acne - but when done consistently and for a longer time, you will be rewarded with an improved skin.

It is recommended to clean your face before using the light therapy device. Eye-protection such as goggles is needed, especially when working around the eyes.


Eye protection goggles and a clay mask cream.

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