Review BrightTherapy Trident SR11A Light Therapy System

This cordless, rechargeable LED licht therapy for skin device with the typename Trident SR11A from Bright Therapy, features three panels/heads with the light colors red, blue and green.
With these lights you can do skin treatments against skin aging, acne, age spots and more.
Because of the LED light working, the company calls it a natural healing process.
Below I have detailed my review findings.

Treatment Panels

Just like the wired Ivation and Helios devices, this cordless skin light therapy device Trident SR11A has three interchangeable panels or heads as the Bright Therapy company calls the detachable panels.

These light panels with the colors red/infrared, blue and green, snap on and off easily. In next section you'll find the uses of each panel.

The benefit of this Bright Therapy device is that it's a 3-in-one device to use against aging signs, acne and hyper pigmentation. And you can do it all when it suits you, in a time and place that's convenient to you.

Colors and Wavelengths

Like the Ivation and Helios, this BrightTherapy device has Red and Infrared and where the other devices' Infrared emits at 880 nm frequency, the SR11A Red Infrared works with 850 frequency or wavelength.
With the Blue light panel the device emits at 420 nm - where the other devices have 415 nm, so just a slight difference.
Both devices have the green light at 525 nm frequency.
Research studies indicate that the mentioned frequencies are found most effective.


The Bright Therapy SR11A can be used to fight aging, acne, hyper pigmentation and similar skin disease.

If you want to do something about the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. then use the RED and INFRARED panel.
These lights diminish lines, make wrinkles less apparent and improve skin texture, where the Infrared light penetrates the inner layer of the skin stimulating blood flow and relaxation of muscles.
There are also users who experience good results clearing up their rosacea or lightening their melasma.

Acne treatments can best be done with the BLUE panel. The blue light makes that the acne bacteria get destroyed when absorbing the light. It clears breakouts and also helps decreasing oiliness and shrinking pores.

Hyper pigmentation
For treating hyperpigmentation use the GREEN panel. The green light targets certain skin cells and helps reducing and lightening pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, freckles and discoloration.

Treatment Panel Size

The panels have a large treatment surface area which makes a treatment easier and faster.

Regimen/Use times

See the manual. For good results it is recommended to stick to the guidelines.

It is recommended to clean your face before using the light therapy device. Eye-protection such as goggles is needed when working around the eyes.

Control buttons

Just 2 buttons: a power button and a button for the pulse function, is all to control the device. There's also a built-in timer with automatic shutoff.


This device is rechargeable and comes with a wired 100-240V AC charge adapter. No batteries needed.


- 3 treatment panels: Red & Infrared, Blue, Green for different skin treatments.
- 100-240V AC charger.

Dimensions & Weight

17.8 x 6.8 x 5.7 cm and weighs 80 grams.


As it is cordless, this device gives you all freedom how and where to use it.
3-in-one and easy to control light-weight device for treatments of various skin diseases.
Large treatment panel and thus large treatment surface area, so saving you time.


For some people it may be inconvenient to hold the device in their hands for quite some time. For example, they rather prefer a device that can be placed on a desk.

Consumer Ratings

Like the Ivation and Helios systems this device has many users and good consumer ratings.

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This appears to be a good product for skin treatment for most people. But as with many things in live, it may not satisfy everybody. People have different skin types and so, therefore it may work well for you but not for someone else. Sometimes in live you have to just try what works for you or not. And this kind of devices requires patience before seeing results.

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