La Lumiere IlluMask Anti Acne Light Therapy Mask, Reviewed

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The new LED light therapy device illuMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask - FDA-cleared - might be an affordable way to fight their acne at home in stead of going to the dermatologist office for treatments.
According to its makers, with this illuMask system you've got fewer breakouts and blemishes. Also redness reduces and same for oily skin.

Wavelength and Licht Color

Use of the illuMask Anti Acne system The new illuMask anti-acne system uses blue and red light against acne bacteria.
You benefit from it by having fewer blemishes and breakouts. And you may also experience less oily and less red skin spots.
The blue light of this mask is 405-470 nanometer wavelength, the red light is 620-660 nm.

A recent study confirmed again that treatment of acne with a LED light device equipped with violet-blue (414nm) lights was effective for mild to moderate acne.
You can check the study ( Feb. 2015) at the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health


Blue light:
illuMask does describe exactly how the blue light works. Under the skin the blue light eliminates bacteria that cause acne so as a result there will be less breakouts.

Red light:
While the blue light effects the bacteria under the skin, the red light does its work on the skin. The red light heals breakouts and decreases the inflammation effect - redness.

Regimen/How to Use

For best results it is recommended to use the mask on a daily bases, on a cleaned skin. You can use the mask 30 times (once a day for 15 minutes). Fighting acne also means patience. You might see improvements within two weeks.

This light device is effective up to 30 times. After that, the LED lights will not be effective anymore "due to losing luminous intensity", says the manufacturer.
I don't know what to think of this statement. Maybe they use cheap material that does not last long. And/or is it their strategy to offer a device at a low price, assuming to sell more.

With regard to other led light therapy devices and longer lasting lights, I haven't heard of decreased light intensity.
Anyway, if you want to try this device, also read my Summary (further down).

Control buttons:

There's just one power button. The system will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.
Mind, that it is not an on/off button. Putting it on out of curiosity or by accident, you'll loose one 15 minutes treatment.
The power control is wired to the mask and battery-powered.


6 x 8 x 4 inches


For a very reasonable price you've got a device, equipped with blue and red light, to use against acne.
And it's hands-free.


The mask is not handy if you want to treat acne on other places of your body, for instance in your neck.
Limited to 30 treatments.

Consumer Ratings

If you wonder "does illumask work" then know that this new device is well-rated by users.


You can use the mask 30 times (each treatment is 15 minutes). This device costs approx. between $43 - $55. So, that's less than $2 per treatment, which is not bad at all.


How users experience this mask.

Many users experience that in the first period they use this mask not much seems to happen or acne may even get a bit worse - impurities come to the surface. However, that is normal and acne will lessen after that. Especially the old pimples and scars will improve and so will cystic and hormonal acne.

Some find using the mask a pleasure feeling while others just don't like wearing it - and prefer a different device (see further). As with many thinks people have different experiences, what will work for your skin may not work for someone else's skin, that's inevitable.

For the IlluMask, see the Amazon #ad link Here for more information, reviews and pricing.

Here's more about led light therapy masks for face.


There are also people arguing that after every 30 uses, you have to buy a new mask.
Well, first of all an illumask mask is not that expensive. But you could also consider buying a different device such as a Norlanya Photon Sonic light therapy device featuring 3 colors, microcurrent and sonic vibrations - see below. The price is about $60. You then have a device with a long lifespan.

Or buy a Project E Beauty device featuring Anti-aging Microcurrent & Photon Therapy 7 Color Lights for about $70 - see below.

Or buy a Sirius Pulsar Blemish Clearing Device for about $30 - see below.

Mentioned devices are not masks, but have roughly the same LED lights as the masks from illuMask.

More on Norlanya Photon Sonic light therapy device and Project E Beauty LED 3 Colors Photo-rejuvenation Kit with Ultrasonic Massager.

And here about the Sirius Pulsar Blemish Clearing device.

See how Style News editor Alex Apatoff from People Style Watch tries the Illumask and how she experiences and thinks about this led light therapy for skin tool. Here's more.

Other light therapy devices suitable to treat acne:

Professional Acne Clearing Solution TANDA Clear Plus.

Or see the Amazon #ad link Here on the Silk'n Blue Acne Solution Device.

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