Wound healing by LED Light

LED Light For Wound Healing
Sideview of the bandage with violet LED light.

It is not yet available but would healing with led light may well be available in the near future. This can be concluded from the news of the University of Winconsin-Madison (UW).

Their Power Wearables team managed to create a socalled MicroViolet Patch which is - simple put - a normal wound bandage containing led light. The light emits UV radiation targeting the wounded skin, but is believed to also help fighting acne or tumors.

The WU news item further states: "The MicroViolet Patch system includes disposable adhesive bandages and a reusable flexible module containing the microscale light emitting diode, medical sensors to monitor the injury or disease, and batteries to power the system. The product is thin and flexible enough to be adhered to the skin like a traditional bandage, and the medical sensors send data wirelessly to a smartphone application, allowing for real-time tracking information on both the disease and the device."

If you're interested in such a wound bandage, you need to be patient as it will not be available for quite some time.
Although the team, responsible for the development, is quite confident that it will work, their new led-bandage still has to be tested on humans. Source: www.engr.wisc.edu/

There are also skin care light therapy devices claiming wound healing. Such a multi-color light device is the Triple Array device featuring 3 LED light colors, each for a specific purpose.

Red Yellow Healing Anti Aging Infrared Light Therapy.

Handheld Triple Array device - 3 LED light colors/wavelengths:

Red - 660nm for healing - it is fast method to regenerate tissue.
InfraRed - 880nm to increase blood circulation and often applied to treat sore muscles and joints.
Yellow - 590nm for skin conditions - helps build collagen and reduce wrinkles.

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