Light Therapy for Athletes with Red and InfraRed Lights

Red Light Therapy LED blanket For Athletes
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Treating body parts of athletes after training, with LED lights in Red and InfraRed, laid out in a blanket-like shape.
With this newly developed light device researchers in Brasil - Institute of Physics Sao Carlos and University Sao Paulo - examined the effects of applying red light emitting diode therapy (LEDT) on sports-men/women and other volunteers.

The so-called blanket shape LED light device featuring many LED lights in two wavelengths: 630 nanometer (nm) for Red light and 850 nanometer for Infra-Red light.

Three temp measurements, just in case you want to know. Enter any temperature to convert:

Red Light Therapy For Athletes
Applying mentioned phototherapy lights on athletes' body parts - after their training / exercising session, stimulates certain inner cells - called satellite cells - which have a good effect on muscle fiber and overall fitness condition.
It also well influenced muscle fatigue on people doing certain trainings and exercises.
It was also found that it has a positive effect on weight loss. Source.

LED light therapy for muscle recovery

Earlier reseach on LED light therapy and its effect on muscle recovery already gave positive results. Here's the article.

There are already certain therapy devices for athletes on the market, such as the TENDLITE™ Red LED light device:

TENDLITE Red LED Light Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic LED light device for your joint pain relief.
According to Tendlite company, with their therapy device healing goes faster and stronger as it increases joint's collagen production which leads to tissue repair.

Tendlite reviews indicate that users benefit from this light therapy and are quite satisfied with it.
It uses the red led light wavelength of 660 nm (nanometer).

Here's more on the TendLite device.

Here you'll find more devices that have red LED lights for therapy.

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