Info LightStim for Acne, Blue Light Therapy

The LightStim for acne led light system made in the USA, utilizes a combination of blue(medical grade), red, infrared led lights against pimples. The led lights kill the acne bacteria and also diminish the redness and inflammation appearance that comes with acne.
LED therapy for skin disorder also helpful in healing inflammatory wounds and in preventing breakouts.


This light device works by holding it on a skin area for about 5 minutes and moving it then to a next area where you want it.
It is advised to use the device on a daily basis. It's best to stick to the manual.

User experiences/reviews.

As scientific research already indicated, applying led lights indeed improves the skin and acne lesions reduce significantly.

Users of this system say that the device is easy to use and that their acne goes away quickly and that they experience less breakouts than used to.
They also testify about better looking crows feet and lines. And that their skin also feel less oily.

Sometimes people ask "is LightStim better than Sirius Aurora light therapy system", well from the reviews that people write, one can conclude that the LightStim Blue Light device has better testimonials.
But like with many things in life, it often is a personal matter, and it also depends on skin types etc..

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