Review Pro-Nu Skin Care LED Light Therapy Mask

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LED light therapy becomes popular. Here's another brand: Pro-Nu Skincare, bringing a led light therapy mask with three colors featuring mask. The Pro-Nu company claims that you achieve a youthful and radiant skin in thirty days, when applying their mask for decreasing wrinkles, fine lines acne and skin aging.

This light mask features the main light colors Red, Blue and Green which are quite suitable for skin care. It reminds me of another light therapy mask from another brand. May be Pro-Nu company took that as example and improved it, but I'm not sure.


Already mentioned the three light frequencies, this skincare light therapy system also features that you can control the light intensity in five levels.

What The Lights Are For

Red Lights - wavelength: 630-730nm:
For reducing skin redness, diminishing wrinkles, reversing sun damage, and for firming.

Blue Lights - wavelength: 430-450nm:
For clearing pimples, diminishing scars, decreasing oiliness, preventing breakouts, reducing inflammation, destroying bacteria.

Green Lights - wavelength: 525-550nm:
For reducing pigmentation, lightening age spots, diminishing freckles, reducing blotchiness, balancingh uneven skin tone, restoring radiance, preventing discoloration, reversing sun damage, and treating red tone spots.


Per session, you treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne, age spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, skin tone, pores, prevent breakouts, and boost collagen production.


Some people find the price a bit high. May be they should compare it with the cost of a light therapy treatment in a beauty salon.

Unfortunately though, the PRO-NU light mask isn't available anymore, but there are certainly good alternatives.
You'll find information here on these LED light therapy masks for face.

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