Info Project E Beauty Mini Foldable PDT LED Photon Therapy machine

Project E Beauty 7 Color Mini Foldable PDT LED Photon Therapy Device

This foldable light therapy device meant for skin rejuvenation - face and body - uses led light waves (wavelengths) that supports photoreceptors in your skin. This process enhances circulation in your skin which promotes skin firming, toning and correcting discolorations, for a positive effect on skin appearance.

Such light also fights melanin pigment, dermatitis and acne and with the described process it may well improve wrinkles and scars.
Some even use it for pain relief.

Light Colors.

Light colors of this device are indicated in nanometer (nm) wavelengths.

Blue light - 463 nm - can be used against skin rashes, has a positive influence on sebum secretion, acne (kills bacteria) and loosened and/or sensitive skin.

Red light - 650 nm - stimulates fibre cells in your skin. Heating that comes with the light supports blood circulation and collagen so your wrinkles may be reduced and making your skin more elastic and firm. This light is also suitable for skin treatment around the eyes and forehead.

Green light - 527 nm - which is a combination of blue and red. It may well relax your skin and is suitable for wrinkles, fine lines and also for curing wounds.

Yellow light - 590 nm - helps to firm your skin and it may well improve your skin muscle flexibility, immunity system and neural system.

Purple light - 600 nm - is believed to be good for lymph metabolism and skin relaxation.

Cyan light - 470 nm - does well against inflammation and acne.


Power: 110-220 Volt with 12V output.


40 x 25 x 12 cm or approx. 15.7 x 9.8 x 4.7 inches.

Due to unavailibility of the Project E Beauty device, you might go for the Angel Kiss device:

Alternative might be the Angel Kiss machine. In fact, it is probably exactly the same the one mentioned above from Project E beauty.

However, these foldable PDT light therapy devices are not available now. But you might have a look at other Project E Beauty devices. See the Amazon #ad link Here for information, reviews and pricing.

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