Review 4-In-One Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System

Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System Reviews
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This newly developed 4-In-One led light therapy system for use at home, features treatments heads or panels - interchangeable - to use for treating hyperpigmentation, acne and skin aging, but also a treatment head for cleansing, toning and lifting your skin. This Sirius Nova advanced rejuvenation system reviews page is all about just that.

Sirius Nova advanced rejuvenation system How can this led light therapy device be beneficial to you or actually your skin? Well it has this unique combination of four different treatments, so an all-in-one device.

If you use it regularly and stick to the instructions your skin will benefit from it. There's no need to use all options/heads in one treatment. Start with the galvanic/microcurrent head for cleansing and then apply one of the colored light-heads.
The heads/panels should last long as Sirius Beauty indicates up to 50.000 hours of use.


As said, the features of this cordless device are a combination / or choice if you want, of light therapy for different treatments and micro-current treatments of your skin, giving you, in the words of its developer, a more youthful look, which can be achieved in short daily treatments.

Watch the video here about the Sirius Nova.

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Galvanic/Micro-current Photofacial:
For cleansing, nourishing, lifting, toning: the galvanic/micro-current treatment head.
You can use the galvanic/micro-current head everyday if you want. Later on you may use it less frequent. For cleansing do remove makeup, then apply your favorite cleanser or serum on your skin - no specific gel is needed - and use the galvanic/micro-current head to cleanse your pores and skin. Glide the treatment head over your skin in circular motions, spot by spot.

When using the galvanic/micro-current head you may not feel much - maybe a tingle. Some people may experience a nice warm feeling.
Use a cream or moisturizer for nourishing your skin. For lifting/toning use a lifting- or anti-wrinkle-cream.
It is not recommended to use the galvanic/micro-current head gliding over your throat area, because of the micro-current working.

Red Photofacial:
For reducing skin redness, diminishing wrinkles, reversing sun damage, or for firming: the RED treatment head. (Sirius graphics show here what it does)

Blue Photofacial:
For clearing pimples, diminishing scars, decreasing oiliness, preventing breakouts, reducing inflammation, destroying bacteria: the BLUE treatment head. (Sirius graphics show here what it does)

Green Photo-facial:
For reducing pigmentation, lightening age spots, diminishing freckles, reducing blotchiness, balancing uneven skin tone, restoring radiance, preventing discoloration, reversing sun damage, or treating red tone spots: the GREEN treatment head. (Sirius graphics show here what it does)

You should not use this device on the eyelids, within the soft area around your eyes or directly on the eyes. If you're careful about that, then there's no specific eye protection needed. You might close your eyes when using the device on an skin area near your eyes.


This light therapy device is cordless and has been factory-charged when you receive it, so you can start using it right away. When uncharged, you can recharge the device with the charging cradle that comes with it.

When you need to recharge - the power red light indicator blinks - be sure you'll hear a click when putting it in the charging cradle.
Of course mind to have the power cord of the charging cradle plugged in a wall socket. Then you should see the power red light on. That light goes off when the recharge is finished.
Mind to recharge only when it is completely uncharged as indicated by the blinking red power light.

The voltage is 100-240 Volt, so you can use it in several countries.


For what is offered, 4 different treatment options, this product has a reasonable price, is easy of use, is portable and quiet. Operating this device with the 4 treatment heads doesn't make any noise.


Some people think it is somewhat time-consuming, but I think that counts for every light therapy device. Just be patient for seeing results.

Consumer Ratings

This Sirius Nova device has a excellent consumer rating.
85% of its users are satisfied or very satisfied with it.

Although it take time to see results, some users already see improvements within two weeks.


It is not the cheapest device nor the most expensive and the price is really reasonable considering all the different skin treatments you can do with it.


This device may be quite handy if you want to apply it for those mentioned treatments. On the other hand if for example you need a device say for just acne treatment, you may be better off by purchasing a device that offers just that: blue light. Here's more on Blue Light Treatment Devices.
You could also look at Best Led Light Therapy For Skin Devices.

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A good alternative with a great rating is the Project E Beauty LED 3 Colors device. See the Amazon #ad link Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

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