Far InfraRed Mats

Best Far InfraRed Mats

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To answer the above question, well, if you speak to users of infrared mats, or read their online reviews, it appears that most users are happy with their particular mat. It depends so much for what cause you use an infrared mat and what your personal situation is, which makes bad or excellent experience with a certain mat quite personal.

What far Infrared mats have in common, is that it produces negative ions and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for healing energy.

Far Infrared Mat Benefits and Uses:
- Calms and relaxes tension and muscles,
- Provides physical relief, as from pain,
- Balances and cleances Chakra points,
- Enhances the effectiveness of Reiki therapy,
- Improves general physical, mental, and spiritual well-being,
- Also good for pets.

Studies on infrared light effects:
You might want to read here a study on Far InfraRed Light for chronic back pain or one on chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

What most infrared mats have in common:
The far infrared technology of the mats is more or less similar. The layers with crystals such as amethist and jade, and the thickness of the mats however, may differ. Usually a thicker mat has more layers.

There are here several popular and well-rated far infrared mat products - some use call it mattress - , giving you an idea about differences of certain specifications between a brand or type vs another:
Best Far Infrared Mats

Below, you'll find images and links to Amazon for more information and where you can read through the reviews which is quite informative.

HealthyLine Inframat Pro - Rainbow Mat - well-rated.

See here Size 40"x20"

You'll also see there the sizes: Medium= 50" x 24" and Large= 74" x 28"

Video on HealthyLine infrared mat:

Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst Mat - popular and great-rated!

See Here Size 31"x20".

You'll also see there the sizes: Compact Pro= 59" x 24" and Queen= 75" x 59"

Video on Ereada infrared mat:

Medicrystal Classic Amethyst Mat - popular and great-rated!

See Here Size 32"x20".

You'll also see there the sizes: Midsize= 59" x 24" and Single= 75" x 39"

Video on MediCrystal infrared mat:

Charmed Far Infrared Heating Mat - popular and great-rated!

See Here Size 31"x20".

You'll also see here Professional Size 26.5" X 71"

Video on Charmed far infrared mat:

UTK Far Infrared Heating Mat - very popular and great-rated!

See Here Size 31"x21"

You'll also see here Small Pro Size 23.5" X 16"

and here's Medium T-Plus Size 38" X 21"

Video on UTK far infrared mat: