Info about Infrared Light For Pain Relief

Infrared for Pain relief

Infrared light is part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight and cannot be seen by the human eye. Its properties however make that it can penetrate deeper into the skin and beyond, than red light does. Infrared light may go as far as a few inches deep and brings kind of gentle radiant heat into the body.

Through that infrared heat, blood flow and circulation improves in that part of the body and so encouraging joints, muscles and damaged tissue to heal. Warm body parts relax and get more flexible.

Controlled trial.
Infrared light treatment can be quite effective, for example significantly reducing chronic back pain, as shown in controlled trial, registered in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Infrared light and nerve pain.
Although not all people benefit from it, quite a few people suffering from nerve pain - neuropathy - say they experience much relief from using infrared light. The light seems to stimulate cellular acivity and through improving circulation it might restore small nerve fibers, experts say. Treatments with infrared light is also applied by pros such as chiropractors. Earlier studies also indicate a positive influence of infrared light on pain. You might also want to read these success stories.

InfraRed Wavelength Range, Names and Abbreviations.

InfraRed - or IR - light wavelengths have a range of 760nm up to 3000 nm (nanometers).
This range is divided into 3 (A,B,C) wavelength bands named IRA, IRB and IRC. These bands are also indicated as
NIR = Near InfraRed,
MIR = Mid InfraRed,
FIR = Far InfraRed.

The Infrared band ranges.
760 - 1440 nm indicated as IRA or NIR (Near IR).
1440 - 3000 nm indicated as IRB or MIR (Mid IR).
3000 nm - 1 mm indicated as IRC or FIR (Far IR).

Near InfraRed

A pain relieving light device that emits Near infrared is the RubyLux Individual Bulb. Such a bulb has many applications and provides an intense level of Near infrared in a simple light bulb form. Most light therapy devices for pain relief feature Near Infrared, and it's also applied in saunas.

Near and Mid InfraRed

A pain relieving light device that emits Near and Mid infrared - although mainly NIR - is the IL50 from Beurer. Besides for pain relief in general,this infrared lamp can also be used to support the treatment of bronchial congestion as it reduces inflammation, swelling and clears mucous clogged passages.
You also find an application of Mid Infrared in remote controls.

Far InfraRed

A pain relieving light device that emits Far infrared - according to the company - is the UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat.
It may help relieving pain from muscle and stiffness, joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains and strains, minor muscular back pain. It also reduces tension and stress, improves lymphatic flow and boosts the immune system.

Muscle back pain.
Treating muscle back pain by keep moving, doing your daily activities, no long bed rest, hot or cold packs, avoiding to much stress, and medication. Read about How to Treat Muscle Pain in the Lower Back.

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