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Info about Natural Anti-inflammatory Supplements for Pain Relief


You'll find here information about herb product supplements that are popular by a lot of people. That are herb products such as Turmeric to treat gastrointestinal symptoms, arthritis pain, menstruation disorders, bites by insects and more...

Turmeric is also called: turmeric root or Indian saffron.

If you wonder what supplement helps arthritis, you might well think of the really popular and hight-rated supplement: the Turmeric Curcumin supplement. Curcumin is also spelled Cur-cumin.

According to the manufacturer BioSchwartz, their product also contains a bit of BioPerine (black pepper) for the reason to increase absorption.
The company further states that their product is vegetarian, and free of gluten wheat, soy, lactose, nuts, sugar, iron, artificial colors and chemicals.

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Side effects of supplements containing Turmeric.
Some people may experience dry mouth, stomach irritation or flatulence.

Combination with medicines.
Taking a Turmeric supplement and a particular medicine at the same time could be a health risk. This is the case when you take a Turmeric supplement and an anti-cancer drug, blood pressure reducer or an anti-inflammatory drug.

The working of mentioned medicines can be influenced by a Turmeric product, for example the medicine might become less effective.

So, always talk to your health care provider when you take a Turmeric supplement and want or have to take one of the mentioned medicines.

Also good pain relievers are: SAM-E supplements.