Info on Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

This is all about Vicks warm mist humidifiers for relief of cough and congestion symptoms. This humidifier releases warm, moist air and is equipped with a medicine cup for the addition of inhalants and soothing vapors and there's a room for scent pads.

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- 1-Gallon capacity for up to 12 hours operation.
- Medicine cup for the addition of inhalants and soothing vapors.
- Room for scent pads.
- Two settings.
- Quiet operation.
- Nightlight, soft glowing.
- Automatic Shut-off.

As this humidifier quietly adds warm water vapor to the air, it may enable you to breathe better.
Liquid inhalants such as Vicks inhaler vaposteam and Kaz inhalant can be used in the medicine cup of the humidifier. You should add one table spoon quantity of the steam inhaler or inhalant to the medicine cup.

The following accessories work great with this Vicks humidifier

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You want to clean the humidifier, indeed best thing to do is cleaning, in order to keep in good shape. Salt particles better be removed as it will attach to the heater element. You might also use vinegar to clean.

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If you want tot create a warm atmoshere in a room, then consider an essential oil diffuser for dispersing the scent of these oils in a mico-fine vapor. There are also so-called 2-in-1 diffusers which also feature a humidifier.
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