Info on SILKPRO Hair Removal Laser System

This SILKPRO home laser device, manufactured by Lotuxs technology Co, is FDA-cleared and intended for adjunctive use with shaving for hair removal sustained with periodic treatments. It is also intended for permanent hair reduction as the long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing when measured at certain intervals after the completion of a treatment regime. The device is kind of comparable with the TRIA Beauty 4X and Precision..


As the company describes it, their SILKPRO device emits a pulse laser light at 810nm (nanometers) wavelength, which heats up the dark pigment inside the hair and de-activates or slows down the so-called hair follicles in the skin that produce hair.

This process makes that hair regrow is disabled as much as possible. It is the same technology as used the professional's office.

The company further states that the lifetime of the nicely designed SILKPRO is more than 10,000 hrs and can be applied on big or small areas to remove unwanted hair.
As it is a plug-in type device, no charging or batteries are needed.
Spot size is 9mm x 9mm and the maximum power/energy density is 25J per cm2



You might already see a hair reduction after you used it for the second time. Basically, it may take 3 months that hair regrow stops.


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