Skin Care Information, Treatments and Products

Skin Care Information, Treatments and Products

You'll find information about various skin care subjects such as:

- Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush        - Microdermabrasion Machines
- Exfoliation with Pads                      - ANSR
- Information on Acne                      - Skin Lightening Cream
- Laser Hair Removal                       - Derma Rollers
- Pernox Facial Scrubs Alternatives
- Sulfur Face Wash
- Microcurrent - Radio Frequency Skin Care

Best Skin Care Light Devices

- Information about the best led light therapy devices for skin, that are available these days. Devices are equipped with a single light color or multiple light colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow for various treatment options. A rating indication is included. These device choices enable you to smoothen and/or fading your wrinkles, acne and more.

Foreo Skin Care and Wellbeing Solutions.

For information about the new Foreo products ESPADA for acne treatments, and UFO 90 seconds masks to replace sheet masks, see Foreo Skin Care and Wellbeing Solutions.

Prosoria - New Treatment System for Relieving Psoriasis

This new product from the Texas-based Nuvothera company, has been recognised by the NPF - National Psoriasis Foundation - as an effective 3-steps treatment system for relieving symptoms of psoriasis.

It consists of natural botanical ingredients which softens and restores the appearance of skin, and is free of frangrance, steriod and paraben.

For the Prosoria 3-Step Psoriasis Treatment System, see the Amazon #ad link Here for best pricing and info

Best Sonic Brush

- Info on sonic systems for skin care, vibrating at a sonic frequency with high speed motions, usually more than 300 movements per second. These socalled oscillating motions cleans, clarifies and stimulates the skin effectively.
Also see Clarisonic MIA PRIMA sonic facial cleansing brush.

Best Microdermabrasion Machines for Professional and Home use

- Information about the best microdermabrasion machines for professional and home use available these days. A rating indication in included. These machine choices enable you to smoothen your skin by removing the top layer.

Somme Institute Transport Pads for Skin Exfoliation

These saturated soft cotton pads are designed to help improve your skin tone, texture and clarity, and features 8% buffered AHA to gently exfoliate dead cells on the skin's surface.

You can use the pads on your face, neck and décolleté.
The pads promote resiliency, hydration, cell renewal and stimulate an increase in cell renewal.

The pads rate well.
For this Somme Institute Transport Pads for Skin Exfoliation, see the Amazon #ad link Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

According to Somme Institute, its reset cream firms, thickens and tightens your skin.
Visibly fills and reduces your wrinkles.
Restores essential hydration and skin tone.
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ANSR Beam is a wireless led light therapy device applying red and blue photo-light waves to treat acne, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and revitalize your skin. The company states that it can be seen as a replacement for clinical laser treatments and other skincare treatments.

I'm sorry to say, but the ANSR beam device you're looking for is currently unavailable. And I don't know when or if this product will be back at all. So, what now. Good chance that you want to look for an alternatice, right? But what alternatives are there?

Well, to help you, I would recommend to look at the list:

Best Led Light Therapy For Skin Devices
You'll find there good alternatives with great ratings such as Tanda Luxe, Sirius Nova and more...

Acne Info

- Here's information if you want to know more about acne, its treatments, products and more...

Best Skin Lightening Cream

- Information on the best skin lightening cream available for dark spots, scars and discolorations, such as Lumi*Essence, Lactic Acid, Vernal N-E dark spot corrector, Black Seed facial lighterer, Porcelana skin lightening, Ambi, Piona strong bleaching cream and more...

Best Laser Hair Removal to use at Home or Salon

- You'll find here information about the best laser hair removal devices to use at home or salon, that are available these days. A rating indication in included. These device choices enable you to get rid of unwanted hair.

Best Derma Roller

- Want to find the best derma roller micro needling treatments? Here are the best rollers for skin care purposes, in order of rating.

Facial Scrubs

If you're looking for the Pernox facial scrub cleanser, well, I'm sorry to say but that product is unavailable, and probably even discontinued.

See below for good alternatives / replacements!

Foaming Skin Polish from Yu-Be

- 6.75 fl.oz./200 ml
Should exfoliate dry skin.

Many users consider this product, that also has a great rating, as one of the best alternatives for Pernox. see the Amazon #ad link Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub.

bliss hot salt scrub, is a self heating spa-strength formula for gently exfoliating your skin with sea salts, leaving rough spots seriously smooth and soft. It hydrates your skin with algae extract and glycerin, while stimulating the senses with rosemary and eucalyptus.

Apply generously to dry skin and salt-brush until you're buffed, de-roughed, soft and sloughed. Salt grains dissolve instantly on contact with water.

As great-rating shows, users appreciate this bliss product very much. see the Amazon #ad link Here for best pricing, info and reviews.

- Info on popular stretch mark and anti-wrinkle products such as about StriVectin SD - (strivictin) stretch mark repair, anti-aging treatment, wrinkle reducing.

Best Anti Wrinkle Cream
- Information about the best anti wrinkle creams that are available these days. A rating indication is included.

Dma Perricone
- Dma Perricone Skin Care Products such as the Omega 3 supplement and other products to help improve your skin.

Sulfur or Sulphur Face Wash And How to Use

- information about sulfur face wash, what it is, what it does and how to apply it to your skin - acne areas.

Microcurrent and RF Radio Frequency Skin Treatment.

- About how it stimulates skin tissue, reduces inflammation, improves skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines and even Melasma and Psoriasis.

Best Pain Relievers

- Topical pain relief and improving joint function gels, roll on's, creams and patches, from popular brands such as Biofreeze, Stopain, Sombra, Penetrex, Salonpas, Rub On Relief, Nervana, Outback.