The Best Derma Roller For Micro Needling Skin Care

Best Derma Roller For Micro Needling Skin Care
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When you're looking for a derma roller for your skin - also called micro needling roller - you want the best to buy, and not pay too much, right?

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In case if you have doubts about the working of micro needle roller for treatment of your skin, I would suggest reading on about 'do derma rollers work?

The study focused on the in vitro evaluation of skin perforation using a new microneedle device (Dermaroller™) with different needle lengths (150, 500 and 1500 µm). The influence of the microneedle treatment on the morphology of the skin surface (studied by light and scanning electron microscopy), on the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and on the penetration and permeation of hydrophilic model drugs was investigated using excised human full-thickness skin. Furthermore, invasomes - highly flexible phospholipid vesicles containing terpenes and ethanol as penetration enhancer - were compared with an aqueous solution.

Elevated TEWL values were measured after Dermaroller™ treatment compared to untreated human skin with a gradual increase of the TEWL over the first hour whereas afterwards the TEWL values decreased probably caused by a reduction of the pore size with time. Skin perforation with the Dermarollers enhanced drug penetration and permeation for both formulations tested. Invasomes were more effective to deliver hydrophilic compounds into and through the skin compared to the aqueous drug solutions and the combination with skin perforation further enhanced drug penetration and permeation.

In conclusion, Dermarollers being already commercially available for cosmetic purposes appear also promising for drug delivery purposes particularly those with medium (500 µm) and shorter (150 µm) needle lengths.
MM Badran, J Kuntsche, A Fahr. - Source.

And here's a summary of a study about acne scarring treatment using skin needling:

Background: - Acne is a common condition seen in up to 80% of people between 11 and 30 years of age and in up to 5% of older adults. In some patients, it can result in permanent scars that are surprisingly difficult to treat. A relatively new treatment, termed skin needling (needle dermabrasion), seems to be appropriate for the treatment of rolling scars in acne.

Aim: - To confirm the usefulness of skin needling in acne scarring treatment.

Methods: - The present study was conducted from September 2007 to March 2008 at the Department of Systemic Pathology, University of Naples Federico II and the UOC Dermatology Unit, University of Rome La Sapienza. In total, 32 patients (20 female, 12 male patients; age range 17 - 45) with acne rolling scars were enrolled. Each patient was treated with a specific tool in two sessions. Using digital cameras, photos of all patients were taken to evaluate scar depth and, in five patients, silicone rubber was used to make a microrelief impression of the scars. The photographic data were analysed by using the sign test statistic (a < 0.05) and the data from the cutaneous casts were analysed by fast Fourier transformation (FFT).

Results: - Analysis of the patient photographs, supported by the sign test and of the degree of irregularity of the surface microrelief, supported by FFT, showed that, after only two sessions, the severity grade of rolling scars in all patients was greatly reduced and there was an overall aesthetic improvement. No patient showed any visible signs of the procedure or hyperpigmentation.

Conclusion: - The present study confirms that skin needling has an immediate effect in improving acne rolling scars and has advantages over other procedures.
G Fabbrocini, N Fardella, A Monfrecola, I. Proietti, D. Innocenzi.

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