Braun 7681 Epilator Silk-epil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry

As the manufacturer states, this rechargeable Braun 7681 epilator model is in particularly designed for using in warm water in order to have the soft epliation. Braun indicates that with this hair removal epilator you don't have hairs "in-between days" as it gets to hairs where wax fails, removing all of undesired hair. Another advantage is that you can have your tan for longer through its very gentle hair removal. As said this cordless epilator is rechargeable and fully washable. Considering epilators for women, It might be best epilator 2010, as some say.

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With this Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry you'll have the new Close Grip Technology which lifts, loosens and gently removes hairs as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm). The SoftLift Tips can remove even the shortest and flattest of hairs, whilst the 40 winglet tweezers remove more hair in a single stroke than any other epilator.

Plus it can be used in water to provide Braun's gentlest ever epilation! The new-generation epilator gives you smooth, soft and seriously beautiful skin for up to four weeks--giving you confidence that you look and feel your best whenever, wherever you want to.

Independent dermatological research measured the effects among women of wet compared to dry epilation, with findings which showed that the women significantly favoured wet epilation. Nearly two thirds (63%) also found wet epilation was kinder to the skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin or those new to epilating.

So what is it about epilating in water that makes it so gentle and subsequently a more relaxing experience? Well, every woman knows that a good soak in a bath can wash away more than just your physical aches and pains; it relaxes you mentally and physically. It therefore makes perfect sense to integrate a long lasting hair removal solution into your beauty regime--as Braun has done. As Dr Kristina from Procter & Gamble beauty explains, "Warm water soothes and relaxes your body and mind, whilst the massaging rollers of the new Xpressive help relax your skin, so hairs are removed as gently as possible."

Reviews for this epilator are very positive and is rated well.
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