LightStim Reviews Light Therapy for Skin Care

LightStim Reviews Light Therapy for Skin Care

First of all, we want to look at how LED light therapy works.
This treatment stimulates skin cells by giving it energy through the use of certain types of LED light. LED means Light Emitting Diode. A diode is a semiconductor. The light further activates the process of making more collagen and elastin in the skin.

Collagen is a protein, handling the strength and plumpness or shaping of the skin and is situated in the dermis (inner layer of the skin).
Elastin is a so-called fibrous scleroprotein, which is responsible mainly for the elasticity of the skin.
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Now the LED light has a positive effect on the skin, that absorbs the light and use it as a source of energy to activate cellular regeneration - growth anew of lost or destroyed tissue. Therefore LED light (some say lite) therapy for skin can be applied for rosacea treatment, and anti-ageing / anti-aging light. Rosacea is a skin disease in which bloodvessels of the face enlarge resulting in a flushed appearance.

LightStim International, Inc. - some say: LightSlim (yes, what's in a word!) or Light Stim - states that this technology works and most people will notice results within four to eight weeks, but it may also happen in a shorter period. The company suggests to take a picture before using the light, so you can see the difference after using the light for some time.
The company offers a 2-year repair/replacement warranty on the hand-held LED Light Therapy Lights. The warranty is limited to factory defects including defective power transformers. See their terms for more about warranty and return policy. Next are a few quotes from people who actually use the device.

User experiences.

Applying the Lightstim device on your skin may make your skin a bit warm but users experience it as relaxing.
They also notice that this device making their skin softer, brighter, pores smaller and less lines / firmer skin.
And they see that their dark spots fade.
Some users are surprised by already notice improvements within a week,

About the LED Anti-Aging Light:
Users experience almost disappearance or softening of small wrinkles around the mouth together with dark spots that are fading, Some say it even helps against psoriasis.
Other users talk about real changes to their skin, getting a smooth and healthy texture and influencing pores quite positively - almost diminished.
Also the oiliness of the skin reduces.
These described experiences about the LightStim for wrinkles handheld led light devices, are over an approximately 5 weeks period.

Scientific proof?
The LightSlim company stated that the therapy lights have been tested and evaluated by many universities and a lot of reports have been written on this technology.
There will be more here on these lights.

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If the LightStim device is not available, then may be the NOVA RED device is a good alternative for you.

Why you should go for LightStim LED lights device, that has the FDA-clearance number K120775. (Info FDA-clearance procedure and more).
According to LightStim company it developed the LED light therapy following NASA science to bring advanced LED technology to the broad public.
The company discovered the exact wavelengths, heat, motion and intensities of light to bring about the optimum results, after several years of experimenting and testing.

The lights are made in the US! The company uses very expensive, high powered, high output and sometimes medical grade LED’s. These LED’s are rated to last about 100,000 hours! That’s a very long time. If you used your LightStim for an average of 1 hour per day, it would last over 273 Years, according to LightStim company.

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