Home-use Lasers for Skin Care

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Instead of treatments in the doctor's office by medical professionals, people can now do skin treatments themself such as treating anti-aging, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, scars, stretch marks with an affordable home-use laser device from Tria Beauty, SkinCeuticals, Iluminage, what makes it very convenient for them to do it at home at times that suits them best.

We're talking here about home-use skin rejuvenating laser devices.
It works about the same as professional in-office treatments, also known as fractional non-ablative laser treatments.
Low level laser beams accelerate collagen and elastin production in your skin resulting in fading wrinkles and lines. To get best results you need to stick to a strict treatment regime.

Age-Defying Laser by Tria Beauty

Supplier of beauty and skin care products Tria Beauty, launched a laser light device to treat your skin. According to the company you can now visibly restore what they describe as the natural luminosity of your face. The device is in particular suitable for treating wrinkles. Tria Beauty USA indicates that treating your skin with their age-defying device will give results in about two weeks.

This Tria Beauty skin rejuvenating laser operates on 1440nm wavelength, so it has a greater depth of penetration.

You may also read about an adverse event report at the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - FDA, of a complaint from a Tria Age-Defying Laser customer, experiencing darkening and dehydration of the skin. Report.

More user experiences.
Quite a few users had technical problems, especially with charging the laser or the charger didn't work properly.
Or manual instructions for turning the device on may not be accurate. When you have problems with it, then contact TriaBeauty's customer service for the right instructions.

Other users were not satisfied about the promised working of the device, such as experiencing no change in wrinkles or skin after using the device.
Or some users only experience good results with smoothing the skin and for dark spots, but few results on wrinkles or sagging skin.

All in all, some users are not satisfied with the product. Also mind that there are users who rate it as great, mainly did that because of other things than its working. For example for reasons such as: "easy to use", "great customer service" "not long enough used to evaluate"

On the other hand many users are satisfied with this laser but mind that it takes a while before you see results.

Some benefits you may also experience when using this device:
- You may well control your rosacea, wrinkles and skin tone.
- You may reduce sun damage redness.

And this device saves you on costs of professional treatments and facial creams

You need to stick to the treatment period, before seeing results.

Watch the video here:

For the age defying treatment device, see the Amazon ad link
Here for reviews on the Tria laser, plus more information, and best pricing.

Then there's the nicely designed

Eye Wrinkle Correction Laser Device by Tria Beauty

In general this eye wrinkle laser device works the same as the Tria device mentioned near the top of this article.
The company stated that every day treatment may give results in a few weeks, but for best results you do the treatments for eight weeks.

Watch the video here:

For Tria laser reviews, information and pricing, see the Amazon ad links Here for the Eye Wrinkle Correction Laser.

or Here for the Tria Eye Care Kit with nourishing eye renewal cream.

It's hard to tell if these laser products are a better alternative to LED light devices. See the Amazon ad link Here for more these home-use laser devices.

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Here's Information about Led Light Therapy For Skin Devices.

LED Light Therapy and Sheet Masks.
There's a new development going on to replace traditional sheet masks with tiny sheet masks and LED light therapy combined in one device. It's a clean and very fast treatment (just two minutes!)

Skin care light therapy devices such as:

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