StriVectin SD Info

Features StriVectin SD:
- originally developed to repair stretch marks.
- turned out to be an anti-aging breakthrough.
- works no matter how long you've had your wrinkles.
- has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Users find this product really worth the money. For example using it on scars might well fade them.

Customer Satisfaction

Good rating and lots of users.

In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest, in the history of cosmetics, women across the country are putting a stretch-mark reducing emulsion called StriVectin-SD (also indicated as stri-victin sd) on their face to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. And, if consumer sales are any indication of a product's effectiveness, StriVectin-SD is doing great. Women (as well as a growing number of "Boomer" men) are buying so much StriVectin-SD that finding a tube at your local cosmetic counter has become just about impossible. Has everyone gone mad? Well; not really.

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StriVectin SD Anti-aging Treatment Travel Products

Mentioned Strivectin travel products - see below - are currenly not available.

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles, .25 oz., DLX Travel Size.

Reduce the formation of wrinkles around eyes with the use of StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles. This formula can fight against dark circles, puffiness around eyes, fine lines and crow's feet within weeks.

It can increase the firmness, improve texture and renew skin's natural collagen. With regular use of this formula, you can reinforce skin's elasticity and do away fine lines and crow's feet.

StriVectin AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment, .25 oz (DLX Travel Size)

Faster, smarter anti-aging. The breakthrough formula improves the look of deep-set wrinkles, firmness, skin tone, texture and radiance. While you sleep, it hydrates and deeply nourishes your skin. And, working as a dynamic duo, our patented, NIA-114TM molecule activates Retinol's age-fighting power to work harder, faster, more efficiently without irritation.

Discover the miracle molecule that doubles the results of Retinol
Clinically-proven results in just 4 weeks.
Size : .25 oz / 7 ml (deluxe travel size) New in a box, wrapped beautifully just for you...

Strivectin Sd Instant Retexturizing Scrub Travel Size .75 Oz /22ml.
The first step in the new StriVectin-SD™ wrinkle and stretch mark fighting routine, this texturizing scrub polishes and primes the skin for optimal performance of treatment products. More Science. Less Dullness. Paraben Free, Non-comedogenic.

StriVectin Get Even Brightening Serum deluxe travel size 0.25oz

StriVectin-SD Power Serum for Wrinkles .5 fl oz Travel Size (10% NIA-114+Plant Cells + peptides)

For younger, more-radiant skin use Strivectin SD Power Serum for Wrinkles. Has a powerful anti-aging serum featuring NIA-114, plant stem cells and peptides to reverse wrinkles, diminish pores and promote reflectivity for radiant, healthy, ageless skin.

Wrinkles are noticeably minimized, while elasticity and structure are also improved.
Improves skin structure and reinforces elasticity Minimizes pores and wrinkles Neutralizes environmental stresses and toxins Non-comedogenic.

Strivectin SH SPF 30 Age Protect .25 fl oz Travel Size

Applying Strivectin-SH Sun Protection Cream leaves a barrier between harmful sun and your face and neck.

StriVectin Sun Protect Travel Kit (4 Piece) with Age Protect and Intensive Concentrate.

Includes: StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles (8%) NIA-11 + Peptide Actives (0.5 oz),
Strivectin-SH Age Protect SPF 30 Sheer Formula (0.25 oz),
Sun Sensor Band and Zippered Strivectin Cosmetic Bag
The Waterproof Sun Sensor Safety Band turns Blue when you are exposed to harmful UV radiation.

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