Tips for good skin care

Tips for good skin care
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Aging skin and wrinkles

For aging skin and wrinkles it may help to have more vegetables, fruits and fish in your diet. Whole grains, pasta and protein may help prevent breakouts.
What also helps is using red light therapy for your skin.

Vitamin E containing food such as grains, eggs, organic oils and vegetables existing of leaves such as lettuce, and the earlier mentioned Vitamin C foods - potatoes, vegetables and fruit, especially citrus fruit, may keep away discoloration, wrinkles and skin aging. Well at least may decrease to some extend the appearance of these mentioned skin conditions.

Did you know that using sunscreen prevents the forming of wrinkles?
Well, it keeps bad ultraviolet radiation away from your skin.

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Retinoids or AHA for younger looking skin

Use products containing retinoids, tretinoins, antioxidants or AHA - which stands for alpha hydroxy acids.
It is advised to talk to your dermatologist if you want to use those skin care products for anti-aging purposes.

Healthy eating

Recommendations for a healthy skin is also about healthy eating. It is believed that what you eat is of influence on your skin condition.
Your skin condition may benefit from eating food containing moderate fats and carbohydrates and sufficient vitamine C - found in: potatoes, vegetables and fruit - especially citrus fruit.
To inhibit inflammation and help keeping your skin young and flexible it is advised to eat salmon, as this fish is rich in long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids.


Other tips for good skin complexion is regular physical exercising. It increases blood circulation and therefore bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your skin, giving your skin a healthy and radiant glow. Regular exercisers are studied and found that their skin is also thicker and the collagen - controlling the skin's strength and flexibility - plumpness or shaping -, appears in larger quantity, in other words, there's more collagen production. This process may well lead to prevent wrinkles. Another advantage of exercising might be - if you sweat - the unclogging of pores.

The impact of fragrance

Products that contain fragrance, deodorant soaps, toners based on alcohol, may leave a somewhat aging skin that feels dry and irritated.
So, best thing for your skin is applying mild skin products that don't contain scent.

Wash your face with your hands

Another tip for good facial care is to wash your face with your hands.
To avoid irritation, disturbance and aging inflammation it is advised not to use wash clothes, abrasive pads, scrubbing grains and the like. Instead use your hands to gently apply cleanser on the skin to remove impurities. I myself do this already a long time to great satisfaction, since I had acne problems in my teens.

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Keep your skin clean and therefore exfoliate it at the end of the day with a socalled AHA serum - where AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It helps removing dead skin cells. After cleansing with a gentle soap you should apply a quality moisturizer. Mind that oily skins still need moisturizing. It best to do it with a mineral oil-free product. Okay those with a dry or sensitive skin may not follow this procedure every day but try to apply it regularly.

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For information and choice of microdermabrasion see see Here Microdermabrasion Machines for Professional and Home use.

For smooth feet, see here at Amazon a newly developed hands-free shower foot exfoliator.
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According to the developers there's no need anymore to use hand tools to remove dead skin.

Acne sensitive skin

As said above, if you have an acne-sensitive skin, don't scrub as it can result in an irrated skin. It's best to wash gently.

It is also better to avoid anti-acne products and cleansers as they may irritate your skin. Also skin care products you use should be oil-free and not contain acnegenic and comedogenic. Mild cleansers containing sulfur or salicylic acid are recommended.

It is also advised to use an oil-free moisturizer in order to prevent breakouts in humid weather.

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Tan and Sunbath

When you go for tanning then be on the safe side and apply a self-tanner or bronzer.
When staying in the sunshine, one should use a sunscreen on a regular basis because most self-tanners don't contain any protection against the sun.

Studies have indicated that suncreen - SPF 30+ - is an effective shield against the bad ultraviolet - UV - radiation from both the sun and indoor tanning. UV radiation makes your skin older.
This also applies to your hands. You might use an antioxidant or glycolic acid product to repair sun damage.

Dry air/low humidity

In a dry environment such as an in office or in a plane can be, you skin might become dry also. Drinking water and applying moisturizer might help in such a situation. Also, not wearing makeup is better then.

Dry heat indoor, windy and/or cold weather

Be aware that dry heat indoor, windy and/or cold weather can cause a dry skin. It case it happens to you, use a humidifier at home and office, drink enough water and use a moisturizer on your skin.

Moisturizing your skin

Not only in the above mentioned situation, but also when getting older - there's less oil production in the skin -, it is recommended to moisturize your skin regularly, especially after taking a shower or bath.

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Enlarged pores

The more active your oil flow, the larger your pores. Oily skin may cause pores to appear enlarged because the skin tends to become thickened. To reduce sebum flow and skin shine, you might try a great rating product that contains enantia chlorantha bark:   Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion

Itching/Irritating skin

To reduce irritation / itching it is best not to scratch - that's easier said than done, right?
If it irritates quite a bit and won't stop, you might cover it with dressings or bandages. You can also apply compresses that are cool and wet. Or use a anti- itch cream for the irritated spot. It is also advised to use a quality moisturizer, if possible twice a day.


Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it is doesn't any good to your skin. Alcohol increases the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of excess water. This process may lead to dry skin in the end. Another effect of alcohol is that it widens blood vessels, and that may cause (heavy) drinkers red, flushed faces.


Avoid smoking. Like alcohol it is not good for your skin. Smoking causes dry skin and wrinkles. Opposite from exercising, smoking decreases blood streaming and has a negative effect on collagen. There will be less collagen - collagen is a protein, handling the strength and plumpness or shaping of the skin. Less collagen - and toxins in the smoke - often results in more wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.

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